I’m madder than a bulimic with a broken finger over this whole Ann Coulter business.

First, NBC banned the red-white-and-blue-blooded book babe “for life” from all TV shows, all on account of her saying stuff about our new Communist-in-Chief with the funny name. (Though I think they were more mad about what she was saying about the suckers in the Midstream Media!)

That caused such a ruckus that NBC up and had her back on TV the very next day. Ha! What kind of broadcaster bans broads, anyhow?

Miss Ann Coulter just wanted to talk about her new book, “Assault: Guilty White Liberal Traitors and Their War Against America.” I’ve read each and every one of Ann Coulter’s other books – “Shut Up or I’ll Kill You!”, and my favorite, “Bite My Bony Butt, Gay Boy!” – and they really help you win all those fights about politics you get into with stupid liberals, mostly on account of how the hardcover versions leave a hell of a dent on their foreheads.

Miss Coulter reminds me of that other fine lady, the late great Esther Schenectady, who ran the very first conservative think tank, the American Institution Institute. Back in the good old days, Esther ran the “Impeach Eisenhower” campaign, and led the movement against the government putting that fluoride stuff in the water supply. (Her slogan: “Today your teeth. Tomorrow your mind!”)

Today we have the great Ann Coulter to lead us, my fellow Americans. Liberals hate her and that’s good enough for me. And if you don’t agree, you might as well tinkle on the Washington Monument, you lice headed pinko!

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4 thoughts on “ANN COULTER 1, NBC 0”

  1. Please! That last line should be "louse-headed pinko". Let's at least write properly, OK? Remember, Ann writes quite well for a woman without a ghost.


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