WASHINGTON, DC – After both parties were denied their rightful entry, Obatma and Roland Burris bonded over their rejection.

As previously reported, Obatma was turned away by hotel security from seeing his half-brother, President-Elect Barack Obama. Hotel representatives will not talk about it, but it is assumed that this was due to discrimination of Obatma’s mutant nature.

After hearing about Burris’ well-publicized refusal at the Senate, Obatma decided to lend a sympathetic pointy ear to his fellow rejectee.

Burris and Obatma were seen buying cartons of ice cream and boxes of breakfast cereal at a local grocery store, before heading to Norm Coleman’s Washington apartment to eat their feelings.

Former Senator Coleman, currently in the capital to empty out his Senate office, said, “I know how it feels to be shot down when it’s unwarranted. I mean, especially when it’s completely unfair, something you were legally awarded and then had stolen right out from under you in a totally arbitrary pro-”

Coleman then began to tear up and asked the reporter to leave.

He is expected to join Burris and Obatma at the pity party later this evening, where they will finish off the last of the Haagen-Dazs while crying through Ugly Betty.

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