NEW YORK, NY – Fashion retailer Forever 21 debuted a new line of clothing for plus-sized women, along with the lines’ special consultant: Tonya, the World’s Fattest Cat!

Forever 21, known throughout the fashion world for its high style at low prices, decided to expand its repertoire into the plus sized market after being contacted by Tonya herself.

“We are rather ashamed to admit that we never really considered plus-sizes before,” Forever 21 founder Do-Won Chang told reporters at following a runway show of the line.  “When we started the company in the 80’s, everyone was only making fashionable clothing for skinny people.  We didn’t think heavier people were interested in looking good.”

“Tonya showed us the error of our thinking.  And now, I would like to introduce to you, Forever 21’s plus-sized line – Faith 21!”

Always a fan of high fashion, and a trendsetter in the fashion world herself, Tonya was reportedly disappointed at not being able to fit into a leopard print cardigan with matching skort she saw at the Union Square location of Forever 21 while on a shopping spree for Spring fashions.

“Tonya loves a good cardigan-skort combo,” said her spokeswoman at the debut event.  “She was heartbroken when she realized there wasn’t a single plus-sized item in the entire store.”

“She immediately abandoned the rest of the shopping itinerary and dictated a strong-worded e-mail of disappointment to Forever 21.”

The letter must have struck a chord within Forever 21 because within a matter of days, Susan De La Fontaine Delacroix, head designer and visionary for the company, personally contacted Tonya.

“Her letter was very inspiring, not only emotionally but creatively,” Delacroix told the crowd prior to the runway show.  “I immediately started sketching, designing, and sewing.  Many of those initial creations you are about to see today.”

“That was the first step, the next was to get Tonya on board.  She was already my muse, but I needed her to be the face of Faith 21.”

Delacroix is so confidant in Tonya’s ability as the line’s exclusive spokeswoman, she believes the fashion world is about to be turned on its head.

“These clothes are so hot, and Tonya is so hot in these clothes, I know that skinny girls are going to try to put on some extra pounds so they can fit into Faith 21.  Because Faith 21 is exclusive.  We are not making mini-versions for the regular line, and not just making jumbo versions of the regular Forever 21 line for Faith 21.  Its completely different.”

“Mark my words.  By this time next year, every model walking down the runway will be Tonya-sized.”

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11 thoughts on “FOREVER 21 PLUS SIZE LINE”

  1. Fat happens and unless you want to see us naked you better be glad someone's willing to cloth us hahahaha…a fatty who's a wannabe skinny – be kind…I'm trying to lose the chub but everything tastes so freakin' GOOD!! Plus, my live by motto is 'Life's too short – eat dessert 1st'

  2. the previews i saw of this line are terrible. when i go in there i think "why cant they make THIS in my size". i dont want something completely different i want what they already have.

  3. i thinkits good that they are putting a plus size line skinny is nasty u aint no type of curvys ur booty is flat like a pancake u got chicken legs plus size girls have meat they have booty and tits and nice curvys okay but dont get it wrong a plus size is good depending on ur hight if ur short and a size 16 thats just fat but if u tall a size 16 thats nice plus size to me is size13-16 over that u just fat

  4. I have big boobs, small v shaped torso, and big hips and huge ass. no im not proud but honeslty my body is not all that bad and im not FAT but wear size 16 jeans because of my waist and butt. its frustrating! I love Forever 21 tops they fit perfect im a medium in their shirts but i can NEVER EVER EVER find jeans there! so im glad i can shop at both stores and the same mall and have the perfect outfit. FINALLLY!!!

  5. Iam so excited that we now will have a nice place to shop for nice plus close,alot of the stores
    now adays have old close just not right, iam a 14 and happy but i love fashion so its exciting news forever 21plus is here..yeah us plus woman like to look fabulous too:) love it love it

  6. I just checked out the line , and I can't help but say I'm disappointed. Maybe I expected too much, I mean there's a total of 15 items (give or take) and the designs are not that great. As much as Forever 21 said they wouldn't make a "jumbo" version of the current clothes at Forever 21 , I wish they would.

  7. I just sent Forever 21 an email about this so called “plus” line. If you visit their website, check out their size chart & compare it to a real plus size store, like the Avenue or Lane Bryant. It’s a joke. Their 2x amounts to a size 16 at best. It’s hardly a “plus” in my book.

    It’s incredibly disappointing, because I see a lot of clothes I’d love to order 🙁


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