CARACAS – President Obama and Hugo Chavez met for the first time earlier this week.  Yesterday, video surfaced of Obama telling Chavez to stop calling him.

President Barack Obama met Venezuela dictator Hugo Chavez in Trinidad for the Summit of the Americas.  The two met formally as heads of state and politely shook hands.

Chavez, eager to be associated with the internationally popular Obama, has exhibited a serious “Friend-Crush” since then.

During the summit, Chavez invited Obama to get together and talk about issues regularly, despite Obama’s busy schedule.   Venezuela’s offer for a Trade Relations Pool Party later this month was politely declined.

Investigative reporters have discovered that the book Chavez gave to Obama at their first meeting contained notes he had hoped to pass back and forth throughout the meeting.

White House aides and Secret Service agents had to be used to tell Chavez that the President was busy, and would not be able to join him at a soccer match next weekend.

For the majority of the summit, Chavez’s Facebook status was “bromantic!!”

The final straw came when Hugo Chavez called President Obama’s hotel room at 10:30pm for the third night in a row and said, through a translator, “So, what are you thinking?”

Footage has just been released of their meeting the next day, in which President Obama firmly tells him to stop calling so much.  Audio enhancement of the footage reveals Obama saying, “We can meet formally as heads of state seeking a peaceful diplomacy.  But you have to stop calling me.  We are not going to be BFFs.”


What impact this will have on the political landscape has yet to be seen.  At the time of reporting Chavez’s Facebook status consisted of a frowny face.

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