RIO DE JANEIRO – An alleged shape-shifting UFO has been caught on film for the first time!

Another blurry UFO video? Not so. This video was apparently shot by a mother and her children outside of their home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As any viewer can clearly see, the UFO changes shape multiple times throughout the video, from a jellyfish-shape to an octopus!


Note these astonishing moments:

0:33 – A clear shot of it’s original jellyfish shape

02:45 – The tentacles emerge

03:50 – The clearest shot of the octopus shape

05:37 – The tentacles have disappeared again

Is this a new breed of UFOs? Why is it changing shape? What are the tentacles for?

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11 thoughts on “OCTOPUS UFO IN BRAZIL”

  1. This shape showed up a couple of years ago (when the drones were all the rage) and it was found out to be a large balloon. There are even photos to prove it (I believe on the UFO Casebook website). It shouldn't be hard to verify. And it's not changing shape, the viewing angle changes.

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  3. Another lame video, you would think in this day and age of high-quaility digital cameras with anti- 'shaky-hand' and mobile phone cameras with better zoom and better quality we'd get something more than an out of focus, blurry, poor quaility vhs hand held camera rubbish this. This footage means nothing.


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