WASHINGTON, DC – President Obama’s teleprompter has started its own blog.  Millions are anxious to hear the voice behind the voice of the President of the United States.

Many have accused the teleprompter of being the voice behind the President, and that Obama is lost without it.  Now the teleprompter has its own venue in which to speak its opinions.  In its first blog it writes:

“Did anyone else watch Desperate Housewives last night?  OMG Bree is such a B!  I can’t believe what they’re doing with the show. It used to be like, Wow that’s so my life, but now it’s just not.  Has my favorite show jumped the shark?   Tragedy!”

Conservatives in particular are lining up to hear the voice that they feel the President is dependent on.

In its first week the teleprompter has blogged about its coffee addiction, the new Dunkin Donuts ad campaign, reality television and the pressure of maintaining its thin figure.

“There’s so much pressure for those in the public eye to stay skinny, and it’s just NOT FAIR!”

Obama’s teleprompter has even begun tweeting it’s daily activities.

8:07 AM “Getting loaded in a truck.”
8:16 AM “What’s that smell?  Pickles?”
8:24 AM “Out of truck.”
9:09 AM “So giving speech right now!”
10:41 AM “Guy in coffee shop is so rude.  5 minutes for a latte?  Come On!  Seriously?”

Also the Teleprompter has stated that it wishes Obama would spend less of his evenings reading .

“We’re working together so much, we should bond more.  The other night I had to hang out with Geither, SO LAME!”

The Obama administration has yet to comment on the teleprompter having its own blog.  Some are concerned that it will only fuel the rumors that President Obama is dependent on the teleprompter to maintain his dignified eloquent persona.  However, with the teleprompter’s 3 page missive on American Idol, others are not so concerned.

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