WWN is on a mission to find our most wanted creatures.  Please help us.  Have you seen Manigator?
NAME:  Chance Rainey
LOCATION:  Florida Everglades.

DESCRIPTION: A man-alligator. His head and upper torso are human and his lower body is all “gator” – including a big nasty tail.  Sheriff Gil Claypool describes him as an “emaciated freak from the waist up and the rest of him is just pure scaly muscle.”
HISTORY:  Chance is the genetically-engineered handiwork of Dr. Jordan Ellison, a rogue geneticist, who has said that the Manigator is a new hybrid species of human, one that can easily adapt to a warming planet.   Chance had inoperable cancer and approached Dr. Ellison for help, but wound up losing his humanity.

 LATEST SIGHTING:  The Thompson boys were collecting frogs when they saw Chance come out of the Sawgrass and scamper up a tree. They alerted Sheriff Claypool and his Deputy who didn’t find Chance, but found fifty Manigator eggs incubating in a cabin nearby.

 If you  have seen Manigator, please let us know in the comments below!  All tips will be kept strictly confidential.

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  1. I thought Dr. Michael Heinous was the one who created manigator in an attempt to create a type of super-soldier.


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