OXFORD, OH – Super Deer saves the day – again!
Super Deer has been known to residents of Ohio for a long time.   Residents say that the crime-fighting deer has saved countless women, children and elderly from harm.
And the other day – Super Deer was in action again!
While a man was attacking a woman – choking her with her purse straps and punching her in the forehead – Super Deer darted out of the darkness, attacked the attacker and scared him away.
Police were impressed.
“Super Deer jumped up and ran at the attacker… who then took off,” said police spokesman Sgt. Tom Vismans.  “Super Deer could have been badly injured or harmed by the attacker, but he kept going after him.  That’s how he is.  The bravest deer we’ve every seen.”

Vismans says Super Deer has saved countless people over his  17-year police career.
“Whenever I think we can’t solve a crime, or when a citizen is in distress and we can’t get to them… Super Deer comes to the rescue, said Vismans.  “We can’t thank him enough.”
The woman who was being attacked said a man approached her and “tried to choke her and drag her” in the 500 block of Poplar Street, and “told her to be quiet,” Vismans said.
The assailant was tackled by Super Deer who tied the attacker to a tree, before running away into the woods.
“The woman suffered red marks and bruises but didn’t require medical treatment,” Vismans said.

Super Deer disappeared back into the woods.  He won’t be seen again – until someone is in danger and needs saving.
Wherever you are Super Deer – we salute you.

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