HOLLYWOOD, CA – In order to redeem her public image, Miley Cyrus has recorded a duet with Fatfoot for charity.

Miley Cyrus, daughter of singer Billy Ray Cyrus, shot to fame after her TV show “Hannah Montana” became one of the biggest hits in Disney Channel’s history. However, a recent Vanity Fair spread featuring Miley’s bare back caused her heavy criticism.
In order to reclaim her pop princess title, Miley has turned to good deeds. Last week she set out bait of apple cores and Funyuns in a dumpster behind her recording studio. Not 30 minutes later, Fatfoot, the overweight Sasquatch, burst through the nearby trees to claim the food. But Fatfoot got an even better prize of being asked to join Miley in recording a duet!
He was thrilled to join in, but only after finishing the Funyuns.
All of the proceeds will go to a campaign for promoting healthy eating habits to children. The two divas sang a modified version of Miley’s song “Wake Up America”, with Billy Ray on acoustic guitar. Billy Ray was so moved that his weeping can be slightly heard in the recording.
A representative from Cryptids & Humanoids Alliance Against Defamation stated, “We are thrilled that Miley has featured a cryptid in one of her songs, and exposed the truth that humans aren’t the only ones with dietary issues. Little humanoids need to be just as concerned as human children about growing up strong and healthy! Fatfoot is a sad example of how it can all go wrong.”
Miley Cyrus’ record label provided Weekly World News with a small excerpt of the new song. Keep an eye out for the music video debuting later this month, only on the Disney Channel!
“Wake Up America”
Wake up America
We’re all in this together it’s our
Children so let’s take care of them
You know that you want to, you know that you got to
Wake up America
Tomorrow becomes the new day
And everything you do matters
Yeah everything you do matters in some way!

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