SYDNEY – An Australian octopus has been observed using coconut shells as tools!
A team of scientists have published a report in the journal Current Biology, titled “Defensive Tool Use in a Coconut-Carrying Octopus.”
The veined octopus was observed carrying one or two coconut shell halves to a particular location, where it assembles them to create shelter!
If the octopus has only one half, it will hide under it like it’s a tent. If it has two, it will recreate the coconut form with the shell and hide inside!
The scientists wrote, “The use of tools has become a benchmark for cognitive sophistication. Originally regarded as a defining feature of our species [Homo sapiens], tool-use behaviours have subsequently been revealed in other primates an a growing spectrum of mammals and birds.”
Check out the octopus’ amazing skill below:

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3 thoughts on “OCTOPUS COCONUT”

  1. Sure using coconuts as tools is a sign of intelligence. King Arthur was known to have used to empty halves of coconuts and had a valet bang them together to simulate the sound of hoof beats when horses were unavailable.

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