LOS ANGELES, CA – Michael Jackson may be buried without his brain so coroners can do further testing!
Health officials issued Jackson’s death certificated yesterday, but not cause of death was identified. Rather, the cause was listed as “deferred”.
Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter verified that at least part or the whole of Jackson’s brain has been retained for investigators to continue testing. When they have finished all neuropathogy tests, they will release the tissue.
Doctors will examine Jackson’s brain to determine the cause of death, which may be linked to painkillers. The tests can also reveal previously undiagnosed diseases, evidence of alcohol abuse or whether Jackson had suffered overdoses before.
It appears that the Jackson family will have to bury his body this week without his brain, as it must “harden” for at least two weeks before doctors can finish the tests.
It is not uncommon for a brain to be held by cororners and then reunited with the corpse after it has been buried.
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21 thoughts on “MICHAEL JACKSON'S BRAIN”

  1. can't they transplant his brain into a condemned criminal's body….then the 'king of pop can live on……its a pity we never had the technology to do this when his father in law (Elvis) was alive…….

  2. They should hook is brain up to some electrodes and to a computerized piano and see if he can make some new music. This would help his family pay off some of his bills.

  3. Who cares. If they need his brain for an autopsy, then they need it. Maybe his soul died of guilt and his brain is still thinking about who or what he can molest next and get away with it. Maybe someone should question the chimp, he may need some psychological counseling.

    • you are a sick individual…michael never malested anyone..them boys were inthis for the money and admitted that his father forced him to sue michael in left hisself with the bill dumb ass…

  4. Hey fellas, don't be cruel! Atleast respect a dead man…no body's perfect and let's face it,he was good! His psycho probs were due to his unhappy childhood…shouldntwe sympathise rather than make fun of the dead?
    If his brain's needed for post mortem, what's the big deal?Several people hv gone thru it.

    • That's what they said about Jeffrey Dahmer. I'm sure you'd have felt for him too…just before he ate you…and what if YOU were one of the kids MJ molested? Would you REALLY feel the same way?

  5. Think of all the possibilities for urban legend myths with this story! Or how about a B-movie sci-fi/horror thriller!

  6. i think everyone should let him rest in peace. hasnt he gone thru enough pain in his life!!!!!!!!! and he was not proven guilty on any charges so???? he was the greatest and always will be so get over it jerks!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh Jesus Christ 'courtney' get OVER yourself YOU didn't know him all YOU knew is the same crap the rest of us knew…his public / edited persona not the real life person.
      Remember that it is harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man get into heaven and so there you have it, if you go in for that sort of thing.
      Hopefully your stupidity to the fact that the media is just trying to whip up racial frenzy (which seems funny as we don't even know if MJ considered himself human, much less black or white) will dissipate and that others with your mind set will also calm down…he wasn't a messiah for chrissakes…he was just a really effed up…guy with great muscial talent that preferred young boys over women (as DNA proved none of the kids he claimed were his were actually his spawn)

  7. well he contributed a lot in the msuic industry and thats the way to remember him. Let doctors do their job. he was not a man with an ordinary brain……………..we all admit it

  8. Dios mio, guys leave him in peace, michael lived his life now live yours before you dead, after die there is nothing. Now, he's sleeping don't bother him, please.

  9. Jesus said let the one without sin cast the first stone. Judge ye not that you also may not be judged. You people are so quick to judge. nobody seen his childhood, noone was in his home when those boys was in neverland house noone was in the bed at the times he had sex with women, did any of you see him have sex with men, Remember he got his you s.o.b got yours to get. and most of you judging probaly dont have a dern pot to piss in. and furthermore whos husband or wife did you f— and whos spaced out on drugs and whos messed with their best friends man or women…… Get with it you hippocrits and judgers lokkk at your own self in the mirror. And i know i am not perfect because all of us have joggled behind closed doors. did anybody see you. so did you see micheal? THAN SHUT THE HELL UP IGNORANT PEOPLE


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