LOS ANGELES, CA – Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman launched a website to solicit donations for her family, but it was immediately hacked by a group of vigilante mothers!

The website originally featured photos of all eight octuplets, a thank you note from Suleman, images of children’s toys and a large donation button for viewers to send money through. Suleman also provided an address where people can send items such as diapers and formula.

Suleman was perhaps not prepared for the backlash she was to receive, as the site was hacked and brought down within hours. The original homepage was left up but defaced, as seen in the screenshot below:


The site was tagged by the famous hacker group MOD, also known as the Mothers of Disappointment. The mysterious group has a history of attacking personal sites they disapprove of, including Britney Spears when she infamously hung dry her sons on a clothes line after a bath, and Angelina Jolie for being Angelina Jolie.

Weekly World News could not reach any members for comment, however reporters did receive a short note from an anonymous e-mail address:

mod will not tolerate the selfish acts of bad parenting
we will remain true to our mission despite any setbacks
viva la maternity
(call your mother, she misses you)

The site has since been restored, and Suleman’s PR representative has stated they are now taking extra security measures to arm against future attacks.


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