CHICAGO, IL – Octuplet Grandpa Ed Doud appeared on Oprah this week to announce his new product line for parents of multiple children: Octo-tots.  He claims to have created the line to help support his daughter and the growing number of parents like her.

Items will include double-decker stretch-strollers with optional solar panels and Segway attachment.  In some states this stroller will require its own license plate and a special classification driver’s license.

Find Me Mommy earrings are enabled with GPS technology.  With the included palm sized screen a parent will be able to know where all of their tagged children are at any given time.  The program can also be downloaded as an iPhone application, and they are still working on ways to keep this from enabling predators.

The Octo-bjorn will allow parents to carry up to eight children at once while keeping their hands free.  Mr. Doud tried one on during the show, and members of the audience seemed mildly excited to hear they would each be receiving one.

The Sugar Sweet Sunshine Multi-Channel Closed Circuit Tv Baby Monitor will allow parents to watch multiple children at once.  Nadya Suleman will not need one however since she shares a room with all sixteen of her children.

Baby Beddy Bye is an infant strength sedative to help get eight or more children on the same sleep pattern.  Tests are inconclusive as to whether it is habit forming for the children.

TLC is sponsoring production of the line, and is in talks with the family to give them their own show.  Negotiations have been stalled due to a line in Nadya’s contract stipulating that TLC must first “make me a Princess.”  Programming executives are currently unsure of how to deal with this very specific demand.

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  1. I don't know what to say. I am all for having babies as long as you can support them, the nore the merrier. But ONLY if you can afford them. At least he is trying to earn some money for his daughter I guess. The products look pretty cool though, except carrying eight babies at once, seriously who could do that!

  2. Everyone wonders why people hate Americans? Well, this is the reason. We reward idiocy with a tv show. It's absolutely sickening what effect this woman will have in years to come. 14 children with a crazy mother who is unstable. Then her children will have more children after growing up in an unstable home with serious mental issues. How much will this ACTUALLY cost the government to care for her children's children because of her and her doctor's lunacy?

  3. we live in a country that prizes its self on personnel freedom. With this does come great reward and even greater responsibilities.It is very clear that the grandparents have more than done there part,even to the point of trying to prevent her from doing this by speaking to the doctor.So its obvios the doctor who knew this women and her history ,who had spoken to her parents and known there feeling still went ahead and did this totally elective procedure,then he should be paying the child support payments till age 18 for all 8 children that he helped bring into this world now. Maybe later she would have been in a better situation.But there is no way the children could have been born under these conditions without the doctor maybe the next doctor will say NO!!!!!

  4. That octomom is truly disgusting. She needs s shrink, someone other than Dr.Phill, to help her with her obsessions. I feel real sorry for those kids, that are being used to fulfill her need to get attention. Her parents are doing the best they can with their nutty daughter, and yes, those babies don't deserve to suffer, but at the same time, you don't go have litter of kids and then ask for help caring for them. And what's worse, octomom is making demands for the things she wants, and not greatful for the help given. I say take those kids from her and put her in a mental hospital for the help she needs. I heard she wants more kids….lady please!!

  5. Well even though I live in Texas I still feel what this lady did was absolutely CRAZY!!!!!!!!! She should be put in a little room all alone and left there until her kids are old enough to vote… Truthfully I do believe that she was being selfish not only to her other kids but to herself and her parents as well not to mention all the tax payers who have to help support her kids. So what I want to know is if all these people are helping her in this tough time who is going to help them when they need the helpwith their kids??? I mean she isn't the only person in the world with kids… So when someone finds the answer please feel free to let me know.

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