LOS ANGELES, CA – As details about the Suleman octuplets emerge, questions are being asked about Suleman’s fertility doctor.

Despite already having six children, Nadya Suleman chose to have six embryos implanted during IVF treatment. Two of the embryos split into twins, leading her to give birth to eight healthy babies. But Suleman has come under fire for her lack of resources and controversial conception.

Now critics are turning to her fertility doctor, who resides at West Coast IVF Clinic. Weekly World News has discovered that the man is Doctor Octopus!

Doctor Octopus, or “Doc Ock” to his patients, is best known as an arch-nemesis of the superhero Spider Man. However, after numerous failed attempts to bring the hero down, Dr. Octopus decided to retire from villainry and put his scientific knowledge to good use.

In 2002, Dr. Octopus opened the West Coast IVF Clinic, however the clinic is officially listed under his partner’s name, Dr. Kamrava, to minimize negative publicity. Operating under his professional name Dr. Otto Octavius, the career change has been a resounding success, due to his ability to use four extra mechanical arms for complicated treatments.

A Weekly World News reporter caught up with Dr. Octopus outside of his clinic yesterday. After showing him the photo seen above, he admitted to being Ms. Suleman’s fertility doctor. “I’m proud to be apart of this scientific achievement. I want to take humans past the brink of what we believe is possible. We must challenge the impossible!”

It is rumored that Octopus is working on a treatment called “Virgin Birth”, that would allow women to conceive without any male involvement, but he would neither confirm nor deny it.


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