Oprah reportedly announced on her network  that she has adopted Lindsay Lohan!
Lindsay recently agreed to an exclusive series of interviews with Oprah Winfrey.  It was a disaster at the beginning, but not only has Lohan settled down, but Oprah was so taken with her and her story that she has legally adopted Lohan.
“Oprah always wanted a daughter, and now she has one!” said a source close to Oprah’s network, OWN.

“Lindsay has never been happier and Oprah is, ecstatic,” said the source.  “Lindsay is already calling Orprah “mom” and Oprah is already planning on taking Lindsay on a “family vacation” to South Africa.
When they began their project together Lindsay was often a no-show — which didn’t sit well with Oprah.  Oprah went to Dina Lohan’s house on Long Island for a showdown with Lindsay.  She told Lindsay either clean up her act or the project is over and Lindsay would not get her $2 million paycheck.
But it wasn’t the money that brought Lindsay back to Oprah.  “Lindsay always has done what she wanted.  She has always secretly craved discipline.  When Oprah started yelling at her.. she loved it,” said a source close to Lohan.  “Lindsay really trust Oprah and feels like the luckiest girl in the world to now be her official daughter.”

Dina Lohan laughed at the idea of Oprah adopting her biological daughter. That was until Dina got a “you are not my mother anymore” letter from Lindsay.
Lindsay feels like her life is just beginning now and Oprah… can’t wait for the day Lindsay gets married.  She always wanted to plan a wedding for her daughter.
And there’s a boy out there that would love to be adopted by Oprah:


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