A 15 ton bus-sized lump of rotting food is alive and attacking London citizens!!
Nicknamed “Fatberg” – London authorities are trying to control the blob from killing anymore people.  So far, four sanitation workers have lost their lives trying to control “Fatberg.”


Fatberg was born out of a huge lump of rotting food in the drains beneath a road in Kingston, South West London.  It has soon moved to other parts of London and looks to be heading for Buckingam Palace.

The congealed mushy deposit is thought to be the largest ever found in Britain – and the only one that has come “alive” – with a mind of its own.
Fatberg was first discovered after residents in nearby buildings complained that they couldn’t flush their toilets.
This was the last anyone saw of Ian Goldman of Bristol.  Fatberg got him.

PIC BY STEWART TURKINGTON www.stphotos.co.uk 07778 334771

Fritz Barnwood, waste contracts supervisor for Thames Water said: “While we’ve removed greater volumes of fat from under central London in the past, we’ve never seen a single, congealed lump of lard this big clogging our sewers before.  And I am not going to send my men down there anymore.  We lost four good men already.”
Sean Lawton of East London succumbed to the smell before being eaten by Fatberg:


President Obama has offered London several “Fatberg drones” to be used underground to kill Fatberg.  But, David Cameron said that he thinks they will be able to handle the blob on their own.  “President Obama has his own rotting food to worry about,” said the Prime Minister.


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