Sharks have been spotted on New York City subways!


Tiger sharks, bull sharks, blue sharks and hammerhead sharks have all been spotted riding the New york subways in recent weeks.
Shocked conductors and passengers have seen the sharks on subway platforms, cars and even in elevators that lead to the street.  The sharks seemed to be fond of the “A Train” the most.


Juan Verdon, of Brooklyn, New York, said he smelled something “fishy” when he boarded the 6 Train by Astor Place and then he looked down and saw a shark in the subway car, under a row of seats.  “The car was packed, so I didn’t notice the shark at first, but then when we got going I looked down and there it was.  It looked dead, but it wasn’t,” said Verdon.
Most New Yorkers responded to the shark with a “whatever” attitude, not wanting to get involved with the sharks.  “Hey, they’re not biting anybody, so just let them be.  I’m late for work anyway,” said Jessica Langdon of the Upper West Side.


Why are the sharks on the subways?  Experts are looking into it but Mayor Bloomberg said it obviously has something to do with Global Warming.

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