A new summer ale developed by Samuel Adams has an interesting double use: it can be used as cologne!
According to Brewmaster, Tim Caslon, “Our new Samuel Adams summer ale is brewed with a patented technique that infuses the ale with juniper, sage and coriander essences — many of these same essences are found in leading colognes so rather than make our beer drinkers have to go out and buy cologne we put the cologne right in the bottle.”
Caslon says, “You can apply the cologne just like you would any regular cologne. Just save a small amount of backwash in the bottle and then pour it  out into your hand and splash it on.”  Caslon added, “the hard part is remembering to save some at the bottom of the bottle because the beer tastes that good.”
The cologne beer is currently being tested in 5 sample markets: Houston, Philadelphia, Fresno, Akron and Jacksonville with plans for a full national roll out for early 2014.
Women exposed to the new concept have embraced it and embraced the men using it.
Laurie Sullivan, a waitress at the Jaguar’s Den in Jacksonville, Florida, where the cologne beer is currently being serves says, “I like the scent and I feel more alive during my shift when the guys put it on. It’s a flowery smell for sure but in a manly kind of way which I like. Some of the guys will give me a hug when they go to leave and I can say they smell great.”
beer_cologneG copy
 Asked whether she would consider dating one of her sweet smelling customers, the 26-year old brunette added playfully, “Yeah, I am thinking about it for sure. Definitely would be better than dating some guy that smells like some cheap beer.”
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