In Brazil, there have been numerous sightings of flying cows!

Hundreds of flying cows have been spotted in Brazil.  They have pretty much kept in the sky, but several of the cows have crashed to the earth.  Giberto Joao Souza, e5, had been in bed with his wife Lenina when the animal fell through the ceiling of their home in Caratinga, southeast Brazil.


The corrugated roof immediately gave way and the one-and-a-half-ton animal fell eight feet onto Mr Souza’s side of the bed.
His wife, and the cow, both reportedly escaped unharmed.
The flying cows reportedly escaped from a barn in Bahia, Brazil.  They have been flying around the country for the last two weeks.
“It’s so beautiful seeing these cows… flying in the sky.   I love seeing their udders flap in the breeze,” said Lucinda Buowa of Rio.
Some thought the cows were flying up to the moon.



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  1. I’m Brazilian too, and not only do cows fly here, but we also have a case of a totally feeble donkey-president hybrid, followed by a herd of domesticated bestialized cucurutos. Lots of weird stuff in the last few years.


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