A Yowie, a big hairy beast, has been spotted roaming the streets of London.

The latest sightings took place  just north of Camden Town in London.


Hundreds of witnesses have seen the beast strolling around London.  One resident saw the creature jumping a barbed wire paddock fence before briefly pausing at the edge of a road..

The Yowie raised his arm to apparently shield its eyes from the bright high beam glare of the approaching car.

“I would have seen it for between 20 and 30 seconds,” the witness recalled.

“It was really moving at the time. It leapt the fence no problem.

“All I can remember was seeing this large black object with a solid build, lanky legs and long lanky arms.

“It wasn’t clothed … it wasn’t wearing clothes like a human.”


Witnesses say the creature runs with a fast, stooped pace. It has high shoulders and almost no neck and a small head.

“It’s like its head was shrunken into its shoulders,” he said.

The Yowie hasn’t been seen in London in over five decades.  The last time Londoners saw the Yowie, the Beatles were just becoming famous.

Many in England are speculating as to why the Yowie has returned to London.  Sources in the government say that it probably has something to do with Climate Change.

“I believe that the Yowie is being driven out of the forests by Climate Change.  This is another reason why we must tackle this issue now,” said Prince Charles.


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3 thoughts on “YOWIE SPOTTED IN LONDON!”

  1. Oh my god I live in London this is really scary. Why did I not hear bout this on the television?!?!?

    Does anyone know where these things are? How can I avoid them??????? Really scared here!!!!


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