Three Super Earths, capable of supporting life, were discovered by scientists.

Astronomers believe they are close to our galaxy and that all three “earths” can sustain human life. 

Super Earths mean they have between one and 10 times the mass of the Earth.

Previous studies had identified three planets orbiting the star, including one in the habitable zone.


Lead scientist Dr Gino Angelo, from the University of  Rome, said: ‘We identified three strong signals in the star before, but it was possible that smaller planets were hidden in the data.

Angelo said that the planets seem to be identical in make-up to Earth and that “you can almost seen the oceans on each of the planets.”  Angelo also picked ups signals coming from the Super Earths.   He thinks that “humans” on the Super Earths are also looking for us.

“We are looking for each other at the very same time.  This makes sense, given the Big Bang Theory, “Angelo said.


The Chinese want to take the “lead” on travel to the new Super Earths and stated that they will launch a space ship in the next ten years to go to each of the planets.

President Obama also hailed the discovery and plans to send a Republican delegation to the planets as soon as possible.


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