A sinkhole swallowed a car with a woman inside on Wednesday in Toledo, Ohio, police said.

A woman drove her car into an Ohio sinkhole!

Pamela Knox, 60, was driving around noon when she noticed the car ahead of her was sinking but had managed to make it over a collapsing sinkhole, officials said.


Police Sergeant Joe Heffernan told the Toledo Blad that Knox couldn’t also escape the developing hole when she drove over it.

Knox was eventually able to climb out with the help of a ladder and was not hurt but rattled, said Heffernan. She was taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution, he said.


According to the Toledo Blade, the car was removed from the gaping hole around 4:00 p.m. and the next step will be to repair the street, which could take four to five days.

“I’m just happy that as I understand, she walked herself out [of the hole],” Mr. Bell said. “We had a lot of rain lately and something must have washed out under the road,” Toledo Mayor Mike Bell, told the Blade.


A city spokesman said the hole was a result of collapsed sanitary and storm sewers and estimated to be 10 feet deep.


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