Three giant alien spaceships are again heading for Earth!  Scientists predict the new ships will arrive in December 2013.
UFO encounters continue to increase – as documented on WWN.  And today scientists at SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), an independent non-commercial organization,  made a major announcement:
“Three giant spaceships are heading toward Earth. The largest one of them is 200 miles wide. Two others are slightly smaller. At present, the objects are just moving past Jupiter.  Judging by their speed, they should be on Earth by the October,” said John Malley, the lead extraterrestrial expert at SETI.
Three similar giant ships landed in China and the Indonesia Sea in November, 2011.  They were identified as alien spaceships from Planet Gootan. Three more giant Gootan ships are headed here for December 2013.
Read two of WWN’s many stories about the three Gootan ships landing in 2011:



The new Gootan spaceships have been detected by HAARP search system. The system, based in Alaska, was designed to study the phenomenon of northern lights. According to SETI researchers, the objects are extraterrestrial spaceships. They will be visible in optical telescopes as soon as they reach Mars’s orbit – sometime in October 2013. The US government has been reportedly informed about the event.

SETI researchers have spent fifty years monitoring space.  Dr. Malley said that they have conclusively proven that “we are just newcomers in this huge and unexplored world. Many believe that there are many other civilizations in space besides our own civilization.”
Wikileaks recently released many classified documents that prove that NASA and high-level U.S. official are aware of the three spaceships and are making plans to battle the spaceships.  They have been concealing information from the U.S. public for decades. Wikileaks also confirms that the UFO sightings over the last three months prove that the alien invasions (long predicted by SETI) has begun. The three spaceships will mark the official beginning of the alien invasion.
Malley said that a Chinese official, Mao Kan, had obtained over than 1,000 secret NASA photographs depicting not only human footprints, but even a human carcass on the surface of the Moon. Some of the bones in the carcass were missing, the official said. The human corpse must have been dropped on the Moon from an alien spaceship, whereas the extraterrestrials kept some tissue samples for research.

Dr. Ken Johnston, former Manager of the Data and Photo Control Department at NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory, said that US astronauts had found and photographed ancient ruins of artificial origin on the Moon.  US astronauts had seen large unknown mechanisms on the Moon.
Both Johnston and Mao Kan agree that three more Gootan spaceships are heading for Earth.
Beginning in November 2013 the U.N. will begin preparing citizens of the world for the second attack of the three Gootan spaceships and a subsequent alien attack, which they predict will be “a large-scale assault.”


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    • The bible has MANY mentions of various Gods. Chariots of fire and so on….
      The book of Enoch mentioned giants which have been found around the world in skeletons

  1. Well, looks like the attack did not happen. Arrival calculations must be off.
    A 200-mile long "Mothership" is impressive and likely contains smaller craft designed for tactical missions.
    I too have been abducted by aliens, One night when I had 16 years of age, I went to bed at 10pm ET, along with my younger brother of 7 years. I always look at the clock when first settling in. As I lay there on my left shoulder, facing my brother, I suddenly noticed a high pitched oscillating sound, which was "in synch" with a green beam of light, emanating from the bedroom window behind me. I noticed that when I tried to turn around to look at the light that I could not turn. Then I tried to yell to my brother who was sound to sleep, but I could not move my mouth or vocal cords. I could breath and move my eyes, but I could not move anything else. I felt a sense of anger as I wanted so badly to turn and face whatever it was and kill it with anything at my disposal, like a baseball bat. I remember also hearing the TV on downstairs, which was the usual situation as my parents like to watch television before they went to bed.
    Then after what seemed like 10 minutes if scanning the room by the green light, accompanied by the high pitched "oscillator type sound", the beam and sound suddenly stopped.
    When it stopped I looked at the clock and it was 12pm and I could no longer make out the sound of my parents watching TV. I got out of bed and woke my brother and asked if he had seen the beam but he said no. I went to my parent's bedroom and they were sound to sleep.
    This is a TRUE story, and I truly believe that the lapse in almost two hours was the period in which I was abducted by an alien craft, which was searching my bedroom for life and it latched on to me.

  2. When I was 16, I went to bed at 10pm ET, with my little brother, age 7 sleeping next to me in is own bed. So when I laid on my shoulder I would be facing my little brother. I had specifically noted the time on the alarm clock next to my brother's bed. Suddenly I saw a green light, coming from the bedroom window behind me, as I was positioned on my left shoulder and I could see the beam scan the wall in the direction I was facing. I could not turn for some reason, seemingly frozen, paralyzed. I saw the green beam of light scan the bedroom and as it scanned a high frequency sound seemed to be associated with the presence of the beam. I tried yelling to my brother, who was sleeping, but I could not move my mouth or my head. I was completely paralyzed. I was angry at the audacity of whoever was doing this, and I tried with all of my might to turn around to see them, as I wanted so badly to attack them. I was not afraid, just paralyzed. After what seemed like 10 minutes, the beam stopped scanning, it disappeared, and I was no longer paralyzed. I rush to the bedroom window and looked for any sign, light, beam, or anything I could find. I then happened to notice that the bedroom alarm clock said 12:00AM! It was not 10 minutes, it was 2 hours that had elapsed! People are telling me that I should go to a qualified hypnotist, because I may have been abducted and "they" may have done something to my body. They also recommended a thorough exam, with X-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans to see if anything had been done to me. I am 55 now and that day is as clear as the day it happened, except for the elapsed time of two hours. I swear to Almighty God that this is a true stor.

    • I had a "dark being try to take me when I was 25. It was twilight sleep and I fell backwards out of body through utter darkness. . I did call out the Blood of Jesus against it and it left. Never had another event like that.

    • None of ANY "doomsday" nonsense is ever going to happen, but to be honest, the planet Earth DESERVES to be wiped out by something.

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  4. I went to bed weighing 160 lbs., but woke up to see a Green Beam rotating in my bedroom. When I got up an hour later, I weighed 245 lbs. I'm pretty sure I was abducted and fattened up for an Alien snack.

    • You must have smalled very bad at the end of the fattening process otherwise you would have been roast…

    • Are you serious? Please share more details with me. I want to hear more about your story (tonyisrael@gmail.com).

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    • I went to bed weighing 160 lbs., but woke up to see a Green Beam rotating in my bedroom. When I got up an hour later, I weighed 245 lbs. I'm pretty sure I was abducted and fattened up for an Alien snack.

  7. Believe me when I am saying this:
    I know for sure this site is a hoax & just for fun. But deep in my heart, I do believe I'm always welcome an attack similar to the TV series Falling Skies.
    Horrible, stupid, the worse… call me what you want. With all the bullshit around the world, all those moral panic fools over a couple of drawing image….blah blah blah, I always welcome such global disaster so that we may wipe out all those stupid shit & live NORMALLY, not fear of some dumb, tired, stuckup old timers blah blah blah over blah blah blah & blah blah blah

  8. I just wonder that why NASA and other grand space research organizations hide the most important details from us. Apart from this news, hundreds of scientists have already claimed about the existence of aliens and alien visiting but such news are never released in public for don't-know-what reasons. What I think is, the scientists (some of them have already been a part of NASA or US secret base) who claims about real alien news are brainy, qualified scientists. They are not so *MAD* to spread false claims. They are just sharing what they actually know – the aliens do exist 'in' Space and 'on' Earth as well.

  9. Um, maybe someone should do a quick search on the SETI site. There is no such person as John Malley. At least, he's definitely NOT a scientist there. I also searched their site for the "announcement" and found NOTHING, there was NO announcement.
    So, not sure where this guy got his "info", but, it certainly WASN'T from tho "official" SETI people.

  10. guess none of you have not seen the documentry of the science channel about alien contact, let me enlightened you all first contact 1. about 9 months ago spike in space message, Message WE ARE HERE, 2.WE ARE HERE, PLAN TO CREATE A MACHINE, GOOD NIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. 6 months away from earth all these message were sent out on voyager in 1976 travelling into space, it now leaving our solar system going into the void now. except the plan for the machine.3 the formula D=v some sign then A, formula for dark matter in space that push universe apart from each other, alien ship is travelling 3880000 m/hr or 9 millions per week ,around jupiter,from a universe where dwarf star keep spewing out energy, so it seem they had to leave their planet, it will be here in 3 months.

  11. Anyway the wind blows is fine with me, Anyway the wind blows, it don't matter to me. 'cause I'm thru with the fussin' and fightin' with you. I went out and found a woman who is gonna be true.
    :singin' zappa's song:

  12. Was about to do that looking John Malley…. Possibly the Irish Hero John O'Malley… He's most likely a GREEN.. or a GREY turned GREEN…. Checking now.

  13. Yep……….. Found him… He's been traveling the World and will continue until December 2015…….. He's Dr. John Malley who is in charge of the U.N. department of Global Cooling. Another US funded project established to counter any information that disrupts the legitimacy of Global Warming……. Work likes a pair of Gloves… Where they came up with Isotoners… You can do anything wearing these babies.

  14. the "aliens" are not coming to destroy us they are just looking for reaserch just like we are even tho most of them have been there before us they havent got to search our world for reaserch cause we wont let them.. i dont think they will harm us in anyway unless we provoke them and try to hurt them.. like all the stories about aliens invading earth they are just learning new things and trying to get information just like we are.. they wont hurt us they prolly track us cause they need us for something something we have they havent discovered yet.. just keep that in mind and think about it for awhile…

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  16. What a load of crap, a top Russian scientist said only last year there is not one scrap of evidence of alien life.
    In all his 50 plus years absolutely no proof of extraterrestrial life.

    • it's still so much more likely there is alien life out there then not. Not saying they are flying around in spaceships and everything, they are probably as crap as us.

  17. All these doubters! Haven't you seen MIB? The WWN is the best investigative journalism on planet earth! The whole reason they made us all switch to LED screens is so that when you find the corroborating evidence, they can neuralise you through your own monitor. I Still have a CRT and have found the entries related to J. Malley, Seti, and the upcoming Gootan invasion! They will cover it up with a natural disaster like they did the Fukushima landing!!! Stay asleep Sheeple, they are coming to eat us.

  18. This page is a load of crap! You said they were going to attack in Dec 2012 and nothing happened. Maybe they were given the wrong directions! I am a believer but this page is a crock!

  19. As the calculations from December 2012 happened to be completely artificial, our planet didn't go under the surface by Climate Change. However, I have a strong belief in extraterritorial beings, after all of the documentaries that I have studied and observed throughout the times of yore, I wouldn't be surprised if they visited us in December 2013, nevertheless, they definitely wouldn't attack.
    And to the individuals who think half of the population are senseless, all I can say is research it before you judge, being uncouth is absolutely ridiculous, please act like adults.

  20. Oh how I wish the Gootans were real and how I wish an alien invasion of Earth would actually happen. The complete destruction of the earth is the only thing that can save us all from the de-evolution of humanity and utter insanity that leftism brings.


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