Homeland Security has deported Sofia Vergara after a number of “incidents” in Miami.

On New Year’s Eve the “Modern Family” star’s breasts popped out of her sexy strapless dress as she fell to the ground at a New Year’s Eve party.
The 40-year-old voluptuous actress strutted into Story, a Miami nightclub, in a suggestive outfit with ample cleavage on display.   This was the final “straw” to local law enforcement officers, who have had several issues with the star’s behavior in South Beach.
Here she is leaving the beach with her fiance, Nick Loeb, after Federal Agents told her they were taking her in.
“When we put her into the system, we learned that she technically is here illegally and since she has a number of arrests lately, we turned the matter over to Homeland Security,” said Officer Cruz of the Miami Police Department.   Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, told WWN that she had “no choice” but to deport Vergara.
President Obama has made it clear that he wants immigrants in the country who follow our laws.  Unfortunately, Sofia Vergara has broken the law once too many times and will be deported to Colombia.
Also in Miami,  a fight broke out near Vergara, who was partying with Loeb, so she stepped over to break up and threw quite a few punches herself.  “Yes, one tough lady,” said a patron of the Delano Hotel in Miami.
Although the buxom beauty was not hurt, her seductive leather top could not contain her famous breasts as one bounced free toward the flashbulbs.
Loeb was reportedly so furious at the man who knocked into Vergara that security forced him to leave the VIP section. Loeb even sustained a few bruises from the incident, according to reports.
Vergara also hurled curses at her short-fused fiancé at a New Year’s Eve bash when he got booted from a Miami nightclub for bad behavior.
Nick Loeb told WWN that the couple plans to live in Colombia while they appeal the Homeland Security decision.  Modern Family will “write Vergara” out of the show for a few episodes, but producers say they are confident she’ll be back in the fall.
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