WWN has learned that Hillary Clinton did not have a blood clot.  She went into the hospital to have a facelift.
Sources close to Bill Clinton’s friends tell WWN that Hillary Rodham Clinton was not happy with her appearance in recent months.  She is planning to run for President in 2016 and wants to look “young and fresh” again, so she went into the hospital to have a facelift.


Her hospitalization at Columbia Presbyterian the day after New Year’s was shrouded in mystery – with many rumors about her condition.   It was announced that she had a blood clot after she fell, after she had a stomach virus.  But according to her doctor at Columbia Presbyterian, Dr. Sal Bangaru, she wanted a full facelift, some liposuction and a long-desired nose job.
“All her surgeries went very, very well,” said Dr. Bangaru.  “She will make a full recovery in two months and look fabulous when she testifies before Congress.”
President Obama encouraged Hillary to get a facelift.  “She was looking tired even when she wasn’t and the President wanted her to get the procedure done.   In fact, he paid for it… Well, the taxpayers picked up the tab,” said White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney.
When it comes to celebrities and public leaders like Secretary Clinton, the urge to speculate and pontificate is high – but the high road is lined with respect and restraint.


Sources close to Hillary say that she was very pleased with how the surgery went and is now planning more plastic surgery.   Joan Rivers is advising her.


  1. Goji bessen zijn echt de beste superfood die ik ook gegeten heb. Als Hillary die nou ook wat meer gegeten had, dan had ze helemaal geen facelift nodig gehad 😉 goji bessen zorgen voor een jonge strakke huid Hillary!!

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