The Prime Minister  of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra, has fallen madly in love with President Obama.

Prime Minister Shinawatra is lovesick and wants to return with President Obama to live with him at The White House.  “The Prime Minister doesn’t care if she is the second wife to Michelle, she just wants to be with Barack Obama and will do anything for him,” said a source in the Thai government.  “She’s madly in love.”

President Obama and the Prime Minister could be seen laughing together and exchanging playful glances throughout a state dinner at the Government House in Bangkok on Sunday night.
They were joined by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who toasted to the U.S.-Thailand friendship with Shinawatra.  Sources say Hillary was jealous and tried making “googly eyes” at Shinawatra.

President Obama said at a news conference on Sunday in Bangkok, that the U.S. is a ‘Pacific nation.’   Shinawatra yelled out… “we have so much in common, Barack!”
Obama’s praised Thailand for being a supporter of democracy in Myanmar, the once-pariah state that is rapidly reforming.

The Thai Prime Minister took Obama to her favorite spot – the Temple of Reclining Buddha.  There she reportedly slipped him a note that simply said, “Be Mine.  Recline.”
Observing traditional custom, Obama took off his shoes as a saffron-robed monk led him and the Thai Prime Minister into a private room.
They were at the beach in Pattaya two hours away but rushed to Bangkok just to see him. ‘I’m so thrilled that he won the election. When we heard he was coming, we decided to get here.’
Obama was also very popular in Myanmar.

According to sources in China, Obama is the  hottest man in Asia.
AND the reason Barack was “hot” for Asia is he had just read this WWN article:

Asian Women Reveal Secrets to Keeping A Man Happy


  1. May be some of the foreigner don't know whats going on in Thailand is that we have an election like another country ,PM Yingluck was voted by the majority people of the country which mostly are poor and in a low working class,unfortunately for some people who claimed themselves as a city people or educated people can't accept her and claim that those who vote for her are poor and uneducated (even some of who voted for her got phd from Howard) the point is no matter if you are well educated or poor educated…you are all human being and you are all worth the same.The poor people don't have the right to choose their leader or take part in the politic?Its pathetic.Many of them can't speak English and don't have much time to be online coz they gotta work for a living but they're all Thai citizen,for whom say something bad about Yingluck,they are just some kind of ill minority.

    • uneducated people in Thailand tend to sell their vote and many Thai politicians promise to give something for free after get voted. There's no real democracy if there is a corruption from the people to politicians. My English is might not good, but hope the Democrator will understand.

  2. Yingluck is the shit….I"m Thai , and most of Thai people feel sorry with this behavior of her . She shouldn't born in my country !!

  3. Yingluck is a hooker. She is shameless and a bipolar.
    She is a shame for all Thai. Please hind her somewhere like ummm… Hell .

  4. And do you know that she got that position because of family connection. Not because of her performance.
    The stupidity can not be hidden. Unless you might be more stupid than her. Hahaha

  5. "JUDGE NOT, and neither condemn, for you know not why a thing occurs, nor to what end". "And remember you this: that which you condemn will condemn you, and that which you judge, YOU WILL ONE DAY BECOME". "Rather, seek to change those things-or support others who are changing those things-which no longer reflect your highest sense of Who you Are." "Yet, bless all-for all is the creation of God, through life living, and that is the HIGHEST CREATION". From "Conversations with God" By Neale Donald Walsch 🙂
    Love. Oneness, Laughter and The Light of God Almighty, ALL That IS, GREAT SPIRIT, GREAT SPIRIT 🙂

  6. Chan, if you open your eyes and ears and know what's really going on in Thailand, your answer will be different.
    Youtube : Yingluck in new york.
    This might enlighten you.

  7. She seems to have quite low standards for her taste in men.
    Doesn't she know he's a crook? And dishonest beyond the call of "duty" as a crook?

  8. Yingluck is not only the most stupid prime minister of the world but is a very selfish thinking only for the benefit of her own family. She has nothing in her brain but fashion. She is the most hated prime minister of Thailand.

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