Following the visit to assess the damage on the Jersey Shore, Gov. Christie is now endorsing Barack Obama for President.

Gov. Christie who just a week ago reportedly said that Barack Obama “couldn’t lead an army of ants to a picnic,” and said that Barack Obama “turned off the lightswitch of leadership” and also said that Barack Obama was a Harvard Marxist – has turned around 180 degrees and is now endorsing Barack Obama for President.
“The Governor and the President get along great – like they’e been friends forever.  Well, more than friends,” said a top Christie aide.

“I’m in love with our President and I think he’ll make a great President for another four years,” Christie reportedly told Hurricane victims on the Jersey Shore.
Many in Hollywood were stunned – and a bit upset, because there have been plans in the works for a Laurel and Hardy biopic staring Christie and Obama.

If Barack Obama squeaks out a win on Tuesday it will be solely because of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s last minute endorsement of the President.

When asked about the political consequences of it all, Mr. Christie says he doesn’t care.  He also says the President doesn’t care.  Sources close to the White House say that the President is so pleased with Governor Christie’s endorsement that he may make Chris Christie Attorney General.

Kevin Madden, a senior adviser to Mr. Romney, reportedly said that Christie was just “in love” and that he would come around once the damage from Hurricane Sandy was cleared up – in about three years.
President Obama is planning on taking Chris Christie and his family to Hawaii next summer.  “They want to spend as much time as possible with each other,” said a source close to Christie.

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  1. Christie is in NY where there has been major trauma and Obama is willing and able to help. Why would you recognize him for the leader that he is. Another President might just fly by in his helicopter, just look out on the devastation at hand… and keep going. If you were the one in the disaster who would you want behind you? You do the math!

    • New Jersey Patty. Obama is only willing to help to give him a stroke during the election. 4 or our men were murdered in Libya and he didn't even give it a moments thought before he off to Nevada campaigning. I agree Christie is in a tough place and I also agree he is doing everything he can for HIS PEOPLE in New Jersey. Christie does not endorse Obama, never has and never will.

    • The ONLY reason Obama was in NJ was to take the opportunity to showboat. Are Chrisitie, NJ & others voters blind to the fact that Obama was using their misfortunes to campaign for himself. He would not have been there if the election wasn't just a little more than a week later. Meanwhile, Gov. Romney was rallying & collecting donations for the victims of Sandy. He was helping by doing something positive and constructive, he was not talking and using the exposure as a photo op to promote himself.

  2. It's awesome to watch you all squirm over this. Never thought it would suck to be a bloated White guy, did you? After all, isn't this suppossed to be YOUR country!

  3. Yeah right…Christie is doing what he needs to for his state and the POTUS is eating it up – trying to get a few more votes. Won't help – especially since people aren't get the help they need. I can't wait to watch the ass kicking on Tuesday night. No more Obama Drama for us!

  4. Get use to it, dimweeds! All you Obama-haters out there…well get ready to bow down for another four years to your master-n-chief! Presdient Barack Obama! All hail OBAMA!!! In YAHSHUA'S name! And so it is! Yeah, baby!! 🙂

  5. Are you people nuts? Obviously you are living in some kind of Obama Love Bubble….All Christie did was thank the President for doing his job finally. How can you turn a compliment into an endorsement…only Obama cool aid drinkers have that ability. When the smoke and cloudiness clears around you all…and you find our Country improving and finally restoring itself due to the leadership of our new President Romney….reality will the only REVENGE Obama will have.

    • It sure is nice to DREAM. But, you all (you ignorant REPUGNANTS are going to be in for the shock of your lives). I pitty the fool (In Mr. T's tone) who thinks that the ENTIRE country is ready for you all, You'll wake up from your dream on Wednesday, Nov, 7, and it'll all be OVA…that's for over in case you don't understand we New Yorkans.

  6. Donna you are the one with the racist issue. You need to wake up and smell the coffee – Christie did not endorse Obama; this is a bunch of bull! Secondly, unemployment is nearly 8%; our economy is stagnant; 4 innocent men have died and this president has lied and deceived the American people; Obama has no prior experience in even running a gas station let alone a country; his policies, both domestically and foreign have failed. Now, what the smell of coffee? It appears to me that all you care about is a black president and not the state our country is in and what ALL American people need. If "your" president is reelected this country will be screaming because he is out to destroy America! Now, go grind your coffee beans and perk!

  7. Johnny Bartee, Really? Just posting to down the writer of the article? Thank you for the in depth understanding of the word Anarchy. Glass Houses.


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