Joe Biden went to Delaware to prepare for his Vice Presidential debate, but he’s… gone missing.

Vice President Joe Biden was supposed to be in Wilmington, Delaware prepping for the vice presidential debate Thursday. However, the Obama campaign released a statement this morning saying that the debate prep team has lost Biden.  “He wandered out to get some hair gel and nobody has seen him since.”

Biden must’ve had dodged the Secret Service contingent that was with him.  “The President wanted campaign advisers with him around the clock to keep an eye on Joe, just in case he decided he wanted to speak to the press.  The President does not want Joe speaking in public… or in private.”
Some in Washington are speculating that Biden’s disappearance was staged so he would not have to face Paul Ryan in this weeks’ debate.  “The campaign is very nervous about what Joe will say in the debate and they’d rather forfeit (due to his disappearance) rather than debate Ryan.”
Sources close to Biden say that the Vice President realized only two days ago that he would be debating Paul Ryan. He thought he’d be debating this woman again:

There was a “Joe sighting” reported in Guam.  Biden was reportedly trying to take out a sumo wrestler.
Some say he is in Shanghai, China, trying to teach children how to speak like a politician.
Others say they saw him running in the high desert in California.
 Obama campaign senior adviser David Axelrod said that President Obama is not worried about Biden’s whereabouts.  “We’re sure that Joe will show up by November 6th, and that’s all that matter.”

Meanwhile, if you’ve seen Joe Biden, please contact WWN immediately…

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  1. I say that his disappearance is good news for the Obama campaign. Biden won't be shooting his mouth off right before election.


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