What happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas. Prince Harry got naked and lost a royal fortune in poker.

Prince Harry put the crown jewels on display in Vegas getting naked during a game of strip billiards and strip Texas Hold ‘Em with a room full of “friends” in his VIP suite.  But the Las Vegas pros (i.e. sharks), who were also naked with Harry, took him for $50 million.

Needless to say, the Queen is furious.  The Royal Family is now scrambling to pay off Harry’s gambling debt.  The Queen is notoriously frugal – making all staffers turn off lights as soon as they exit a room.   Prince Harry has no comment about his financial loses, but he reportedly had “the best time of my life” in Vegas.

It all went down Friday night during a raging party in a high rollers hotel suite.

TMZ once again did some crack reporting and got hold of these pictures of a naked Harry in his hotel suite – right after losing the $50 million.

He doesn’t seem to mind losing his “pounds” in poker:

Harry, along with his large entourage, went down to the hotel bar and met a bunch of young women and invited them up to his VIP suite – to play billards and poker.  But little did he know that three of the girls were professional poker players planted by the hotel.

Once in the room, things got wild, with the group playing a game of strip pool that quickly escalated into full-on royal nudity.

Prince Harry went to Las Vegas at the invitation of Ryan Lochte, who also seemed to have a good time.

The Brits are not happy.  It costs over $200 million dollars in security to keep Harry safe when in England, “and then the bloke goes and blows the Royal bank account playing poker. He’s a real wanker,” said royal watcher Ian Woolton.

“He’s a young man with lots of testosterone but there is a balance and occasionally that balance slips,”  Woolton said.

Prince Harry is prepared to get a royal lashing when he returns to England, but he told WWN, “it was worth it.  I’m coming back in two months.”

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  1. dear frank please remove the nekkid pictures of Prince Harry , i really love your work and would not want you to get into any trouble . you really are the best reporter in the world and your take on things brightens my days long may you reign

  2. So he got drunk and played some strip “something” games big deal and then you make the rest up to pad out the story…


  3. Don’t be silly. No way did he lose 50million, and it doesnt cost anywhere near 1% of claimed 200million in security in england.
    (for a start he is serving in the army in Afganistan for most of the year!)

  4. He is young so whats the proble ??? Let him have a good tome & enjoy himself. False claims of loosing that amount of royal lolly is tottally garbage & ass for the security amount – hu !!! where on earth do they come up with that amount ?? LETS BE REAL …. How do these porkie pie tellers get away with reporting such rubbish ??.
    From mr preston chap. Go for it harry sow the royal oats . Lets face it, the guy is only HUMAN, like most of us……

    • You have said it all.Just because he is Royal dosen't mean that he is not human.He has the right to enjoy himself in any way.Naked,drunk,whatever.LEAVE HIM ALONE.

  5. He is young so whats the problem ??? Let him have a good time & enjoy himself. False claims of loosing that amount of royal lolly is tottally garbage & as for the security amount – hu !!! where on earth do they come up with that amount ?? LETS BE REAL …. How do these porkie pie tellers get away with reporting such rubbish ??.

    Mistakes corrected….. If Harry is ever up north in the near future, i hope he looks me up & i shall buy him a nice cool pint or 2. maybe even put him up for the night

  6. You've goy to be kidding- people will actually believe this S#$T??? I guess so….the papers people keep a buyin'!!! Seriously though- this is a royal load of frackin' bullcrap!!

  7. My thought is the BOY is a wast of time and oxygen, this is a person that is 3rd in line for the crown of Grate Britain. WHAT A WANKER

  8. Wow an American news article that's not accurate what a surprise!?!?! This is called sarcasm!

    For your own references, once Price Harry lost his bet when playing Billiards he had to strip and that's about it. His debt was the forfeit.

    Each item of clothing he had to remove were not worth £10 million pounds, , next you should look up the word journalism.


    • harry was never anywhere near the Afghanistan that was all a

      public relations stunt
      he is on a constant holliday on your money

    • Mr T Prince Harry has the right to enjoy he is a young man. When he away from home like man and woman.
      I no he is Royal. B ut he has to have a lift to. So the men who are taking them pics of him leave him alone.

  10. About 80% of what has been said is absolute BS!!
    He has NOT said it was the time of his life!
    The Royals are not struggling to pay off his "gambling debts"!!
    I can assure you it is NOT 50MILLION debts!!
    And yes, I'm British, but whatever nationality you are…you cannot seriously believe this load of crap!
    It's like it's purposely written to sound like a load of rubbish!

  11. It doesn’t cost that much to keep Harry & if it did its none of our business! He puts his life on the line for his Queen (granny) & country. His Grandma has had a lovely jubalee yr and someone pathetic to make a few £ sorry even less $ wants to ruin it all. His grandma is getting old & him & his brother work hard for her,thats when Harry isn’t on the front line,and his big brother isn’t saving lives in the. Much needed & appreciated RAF.

    Leave our Royals alone! Be polite they are Royal & that’s important to me and many of the people of my country.

    And thay ARE aloud to have some fun ya know!

  12. the royals? are a bunc ignorant arseholes. get rid of then for good, The frenchies did it right at place de la concorde in Paris.

  13. Lol, please tell me people don’t actually believe this crap, the royal fault is scrabbling to pay off the debt? Yes I’m sure te queen and prince Philip are rooting abou the sofa cushions as we speak looking for dropped cash.

    And the day you get a quote from a royal in this pish rag is the day aliens invade!

    • Prince Harry is highly unlikely to become king! He is 3rd in line behind Charles and William, and as soon as William and Kate have children will fall further down the list. So don't worry about that.

  14. I am struggling how you can publish such lies on a public forum…$200 for security??? Complete bollocks!!!! The sad thing is that, people out there believe this rubbish! Ignorance is bliss I guess.

    • And you would know andi??? Currently the UK is spending an estimated £50000 or $79000 per day on ordinary plod at the Ecuador Embassy. That is $29 million per annum, Harry has specialist officers protecting him costing much more than the traffic wardens at the Ecuador Embassy

  15. Should there be any truth in the story about the loss of $50M, this young man should be ashamed of himself! He is a member of the Royal Family of the United Kingdom, which at the moment is in dire financial straits, the government is cutting services to the poorest in the land whilst Hooray Henries and Henriettas spend fortunes on entertainment.

    If however these reports are fallacious, good luck to him! Many of us wish we were still buff enough to get our kit off in public! Don't lie, you know it's true.

  16. Prince Harry and his Brother William have one more for the royal family n the past 5 year then the rest have done in the past thirty years. He is a young man with an extreamly difficult "front line" role in the forces, who the public actually can relate too and "like" (unlike his uncle Andrew). I do not believe that their will be more then a handful of sourpusses in the whole of Britain who will not think "GO ON MY BOY", because we love him the way he is. And I'm not even a royelist.

    • What has happened to England that it has become so morally debauched ? Or you, for that matter ? And BTW
      problems with alcohol are a serious cry for help . Jesus is the answer to an empty soul.

    • "difficult "front line" role in the forces,"…Total rubbish. He has spent mpore time on leave this year that I did in my 9 years service in the army. In addition, he FAILED the written part of the Apache helicopter course, but was allowed to continue. Also when he was in Afghanistan, (for 10 weeks for which he got a medal ) he was protected all the trime by a platoon of 30 Gurkhas! He is a disgrace to the uniform, adn should eb charged under the section "Prejudice to good order and military discipline" as any other soldier would be.

  17. people should understand hes only human and still young im glad hes letting his hair down we were all young once and made mistakes people in glass houses and all that

  18. He's just human..let him be something besides being a "member" of royalty,,let him be just his own age, own mistakes, own excitement, own fun….you only live once and live it!! Go Harry…!!

  19. I don't particularly matter or care what he does in his privet life ….
    the only matter and concern is how much they can thought, all this people up there; and how are handling money! …for them money is not a matter of concern;
    we are talking trillions of dollars here …he is not even upset of losing 50 million$…..
    and that makes me upset ….because all this people up there are like that, and it shows…
    they have considered all of us like insects………we are worth nothing really ….
    they measure people for the money they can rise per a month and that the financial institutions have the control of all of us about it ….
    no illusions the majority of us we are nothing ….just a insects, mosquito like……..
    don't you understand the what so call crisis it is only for the mosquitoes? ……..
    nobody care about what happen to the rest of humanity only some have the right to everything ….unfortunately…..the rest we are insects….
    I have been a decent member of society working honestly all my life………..
    and that's why I end up poor and in top of it, retired with a minimum pension, what equals that at the end, the end it is your days finalise in misery….. not being able to pass it pleasant even at the end in this days in earth….
    and i I would be born again I would follow same path of honesty and of course it would be again finish my days poor ….
    because all the experience of years teach me that the people who goes in the right path can't never or very warily can make any kind of fortune in money ways …..so you have to be bad person in order to amass money like they do and that don't have any regard for the rest …….
    and all this people in the magazines and the ones who don't even show in magazines…don't care how much $ they burn ……
    when for the rest of us is hardly arriving at the end of the month paying our micro bills….that at the end finish in their pockets back again….anyway………..we are going to the same place at the end….we are not here for the eternity in this earth……..and meanwhile so much nonsense………we are not yet a civilization civilized yet long to go still for that to arrive ….we do need to much education, love, also education from the heart and care for each other ……with all that in place everything would take care of itself, it would be the start to a civilized world, and then we cut really advance in everything else ………what he did is just human and we are all…….we should not deviate the important matters in the press………and let us know how the elite manipulate us and how to be fixed……….I am already old and that's how I see it……

  20. I felt very sad on hearing about the happenings at Las Vegas. Prince Harry is a jovial and likeable person, and brought a (seemingly) 'breath of fresh air' to the Royal family. The Olympics went so well and Prince Harry represented the Queen amicably well. Over the past year, the Queen seemed very happy with the way Prince William and Kate carried themselves when executing public engagements, and I felt really happy for the Queen, and then this disaster happened. I genuinely feel so sorry for the Queen and the Royal family — May be I haven't worded this right and hope that I will be excused for it.

  21. Prince that would be King, dancing on the graves of starving children around the world. That is where a true prince would put the 50million he gambled away. I know Las Vegas and he was put together like a cheap watch. He's a brit and visiting a country that desparately needs cash. The hotel gave him a free suite, oh but he gambled and lost 50million so was it really free?

  22. was Andi the first commenter harry's brother?
    the loss of the money is worse than the clothes…hope it helps improve us economy tho

  23. The guy is young so let him enjoy him self but to blow 50 million is crazy but then its a lot to us but not the queen she'll properly pay the gambling debt off for him its just a tiny drop in the ocean to her

  24. Couple Vegas "girls" gambling 50 million? What if they had lost ? Obviously they don't have that kinda money and this story was published so TMZ could sell some more trash

  25. Hes is obviously a jerk and has problems with alcohol . Why do the British people put up with him ? People are struggling and out of
    work in Britain, the U.S. and especially Nevada – and he acts like this ?

    The are a million young men who would be doing a better job than him .

    • leve him alone n go get a life of your own hiss only having fun his doing fine nobody's perfect. thompson

  26. How could he be so selfish and immature as to hurt the Queen and Prince Philip, who only recently
    got out of the hospital ? He is in no way qualified to lead the Country

    BTW even people, here , in Southern CA, know that only the low class people go to that sleeze
    capitol – Las Vegas .

  27. I'll take prince Harry as a ruler of Jordan " with all his ignorance" over King Abdullah II , any day of the week and twice on Sunday……… this is Nothing compare to what Abdullah doing , considering that prince Harry blows his own money Unlike king Abdullah who blow his people money while the vast majority of the population live under poverty line …….

  28. Prince Harry did not blow $50 million. This is a total lie, made up to hook a story. WWN is trash. I really hope the Royal family sue the hell out of you WWN. Now THAT would be a great story to frame.

    Why do I just know that this comment won't be printed here?!

  29. I can't believe some of you people here would actually believe this! Before you start writing hate and judgemental comments, maybe do some reasearch and check to see how many other "respectable" news sites actually say Prince Harry gambled 50 mil away. Good grief what a bunch of trash this is…

  30. Never mind the issue of Harry's ' Over the Top' partying. A more interesting observation in some of the photos is the unmistakeable and increasing resemblance to a certain Mr Hewit as Harry gets a little older.
    Has anyone ever seen two brothers who do not bear any resemblance whatsoever. ?

    • You obviously haven't seen the Spencer side of his family especially Princess Diana's 2 sisters and nephew…all have the same colour hair as Harry. Give her a break she's been dead for 15 years and still the rumours of Harry's father are around…not all of us are similar to our siblings……are we?

  31. get on with your own life people n leve harry alone. people whom live in glass houses should'nt throw stones, I miss thompson think he is doing damn good for someone who lost his mum the way he did at such a young age so back off and let him have a bit of fun. yo go harry enjoy life to the full befor it changes and you have a wife and kids of your own then a difrent kind of fun n joy take hold. xxxxxx

  32. he is only human like us all. he had a good time and thats what life is all about . I AM PROUD OF HIM he has a right to be happy –

  33. If you've got $50 million to spare (and I believe that figure just HAS to be fiction), Harry, then I suggest you donate it toward helping the millions of unemployed and homeless in your own back yard. Well done in Afghanistan and all that, and nothing wrong with a well-earned break and a little wild partying. Just try to remember not all of us are delighted to see the (admittedly indirect) result of hundreds of years of brute force financial oppression be squandered so easily. Bear in mind most of it's blood money, suckered from the peasants. It might be a nice gesture to share it now and then. I've rooted for your grandma all my life, since she at least seems to care. I may be delusional, but then I'm British. We all are. 🙂

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