What happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas. Prince Harry got naked and lost a royal fortune in poker.

Prince Harry put the crown jewels on display in Vegas getting naked during a game of strip billiards and strip Texas Hold ‘Em with a room full of “friends” in his VIP suite.  But the Las Vegas pros (i.e. sharks), who were also naked with Harry, took him for $50 million.

Needless to say, the Queen is furious.  The Royal Family is now scrambling to pay off Harry’s gambling debt.  The Queen is notoriously frugal – making all staffers turn off lights as soon as they exit a room.   Prince Harry has no comment about his financial loses, but he reportedly had “the best time of my life” in Vegas.

It all went down Friday night during a raging party in a high rollers hotel suite.

TMZ once again did some crack reporting and got hold of these pictures of a naked Harry in his hotel suite – right after losing the $50 million.

He doesn’t seem to mind losing his “pounds” in poker:

Harry, along with his large entourage, went down to the hotel bar and met a bunch of young women and invited them up to his VIP suite – to play billards and poker.  But little did he know that three of the girls were professional poker players planted by the hotel.

Once in the room, things got wild, with the group playing a game of strip pool that quickly escalated into full-on royal nudity.

Prince Harry went to Las Vegas at the invitation of Ryan Lochte, who also seemed to have a good time.

The Brits are not happy.  It costs over $200 million dollars in security to keep Harry safe when in England, “and then the bloke goes and blows the Royal bank account playing poker. He’s a real wanker,” said royal watcher Ian Woolton.

“He’s a young man with lots of testosterone but there is a balance and occasionally that balance slips,”  Woolton said.

Prince Harry is prepared to get a royal lashing when he returns to England, but he told WWN, “it was worth it.  I’m coming back in two months.”


  1. Never mind the issue of Harry's ' Over the Top' partying. A more interesting observation in some of the photos is the unmistakeable and increasing resemblance to a certain Mr Hewit as Harry gets a little older.
    Has anyone ever seen two brothers who do not bear any resemblance whatsoever. ?

    • You obviously haven't seen the Spencer side of his family especially Princess Diana's 2 sisters and nephew…all have the same colour hair as Harry. Give her a break she's been dead for 15 years and still the rumours of Harry's father are around…not all of us are similar to our siblings……are we?

  2. get on with your own life people n leve harry alone. people whom live in glass houses should'nt throw stones, I miss thompson think he is doing damn good for someone who lost his mum the way he did at such a young age so back off and let him have a bit of fun. yo go harry enjoy life to the full befor it changes and you have a wife and kids of your own then a difrent kind of fun n joy take hold. xxxxxx

  3. he is only human like us all. he had a good time and thats what life is all about . I AM PROUD OF HIM he has a right to be happy –

  4. Harry is an asshole, and all you morons need to get a life! Its not about party time nowdays. The royal family is the richest in the world and are known to be major movers and shakers of the Illuminati. They, especially Prince Phillip, believe that there are too many people on this earth and that TWO THIRDS SHOULD BE ELIMINATED. So, while you are supporting this clown, Harry, you need to take time to research a little about what a satanical family you are supporting. They got you in their pocket if you think its "OK" to party hearty. You need to not forget they do not like us common folks, they are the most arrogant pieces of dirt on earth, and you morons are rooting for this bunch.

    Get a life!

  5. If you've got $50 million to spare (and I believe that figure just HAS to be fiction), Harry, then I suggest you donate it toward helping the millions of unemployed and homeless in your own back yard. Well done in Afghanistan and all that, and nothing wrong with a well-earned break and a little wild partying. Just try to remember not all of us are delighted to see the (admittedly indirect) result of hundreds of years of brute force financial oppression be squandered so easily. Bear in mind most of it's blood money, suckered from the peasants. It might be a nice gesture to share it now and then. I've rooted for your grandma all my life, since she at least seems to care. I may be delusional, but then I'm British. We all are. 🙂

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