The Royal Family was furious over the Prince Harry’s naked photos… but now Pippa has joined him in Vegas and there’s another Royal gone wild!

The Royal Family he anger isn’t  directed solely at Harry —  the family also has to worry about Pippa Middleton, who flew to Vegas to join Harry in the party!

Her Royal Hotness, as she is known, really let her hair down and was seen partying in the pool with a number of men and also in Harry’s hotel suite.

Harry and Pippa have been seen partying together on numerous occasions. Some even say that the two have been dating.  Most shockingly, there are rumors that Pippa is the girl behind the man in this photo:

Royal Photo Examiners have said that the girl in the above photo is too short to be Pippa – but others have confirmed with WWN that Pippa was in the room.

She was also in the pool with Harry and Ryan Lochte here.  Can you spot her in the picture?

There are rumors that Pippa hooked up with Olympics Gold Medalist, Ryan Lochte, at The Venetian, but those rumors have not been confirmed.

But Pippa had a great time.  Here she is in a bathtub in the middle of a club:

And here she is in her hotel room, after a long night of partying:

She even posed for WWN photographers before hitting the blackjack tables:

Prince William was appalled when he learned of Harry and Pippa’s behavior in Vegas.  But Princes Kate had a different opinion:  “I wanted to be there.  I can do more shots than Pippa.  And I just got a new bikini.  I should be there!”  The Princess reportedly told a friend in London.

The party continues in Vegas.  The question is:  will Princess Kate and Prince William join in?

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  1. Geez. I can do a better photoshop than you guys. WTF? Oh well. This was almost a year ago. I guess this article and comment are both irrelevant.


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