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Dubbed the “Isles of Wonder,” the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London promises to be the best ever!event

The eyes of the world will be on London for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The Ceremony will provide an opportunity for the world to view the artistic expression of the Artistic Director (Danny Boyle) and his team, and the culture of our Host City and the UK.

The Opening Ceremony is a celebration showcasing the best of the Host Nation. It also features a parade of all competing nations and the highly anticipated entrance of the Olympic Flame, which ignites the Cauldron and signals the start of the Games.

There are certain elements that must feature in every Ceremony, as outlined in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) charter. The artistic performance of the Ceremony then gets underway and welcomes the world to the London 2012 Games.

The name of the Olympic Opening Ceremony show is ‘Isles of Wonder’ and the worldwide broadcast will commence at 9pm. The Ceremony will kick off with the sound of the largest harmonically tuned bell in Europe, produced by the Whitechapel Foundry, and the Stadium will be transformed into the British countryside for opening scene ‘Green and Pleasant’, which includes real farmyard animals. The Ceremony will also include a special sequence celebrating the best of British, featuring volunteer performers from the NHS.

WWN has learned some of the highlights of Opening Ceremony that have been kept under wraps for four years:

1. Queen Elizabeth will sing “God Save the Queen” a new version of the song written by Prince William and Jessie J.

2.  Adele will sing a duet with Ringo Starr.

3.  Led Zeppelin will reunite for one song – Fool on the Hill.

4.  Russel Brand will do a five-minute stand-up routine.

5.  Pippa Middleton will dance with several ex-boyfriends.

6.  Kate Middleton will dance with her old school chums.

7.  Madonna will perform a song with Moses Blue in a “50 Shades of Gray” number.

8.  British Prostitutes will form a “love circle” in the center of the field.

9.  The United States Olympic Team will enter the stadium last – AFTER the British team.  One of the reasons:  the U.S. Women will all be wearing string bikinis.

10.  Women on the British Olympic team will wear burkhas – as not to offend some of their citizens.

11.  There will be a tribute to British hip-hop artists (short segment).

12.  The Spice Girls will dance with Bat Boy!

13.  Leprechauns will be shot out of a British canon.

14.   British pubs and British drunks will have a five-minute segment of “interpretive dance.”

15.  The event promises lots of dark clouds and rain!

The stage is set, and the world is watching as London becomes the center of the world.

Let the games begin!!…


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  1. I liked the pictures of Kate and Pippa. I still think Kate should compete in the Women's Sandcourt Volleyball game. Pippa could be on her team, too! ;-p

  2. See the UFO that was filmed by sky news at the opening ceremony, pics and video http://www.educatinghumanity.com/2012/07/UFO-Make

    If you take a look just under the sky news logoyou will see what people are calling the first UFO of the 2012 Olympics. A few seconds later it can be seen below and just to the right of the logo.

    Posters Comments

    UFO, 2012 Olympic Games, Aliens, Video

  3. Because Ringo's awesomeness wouldn't burn Adelle to the ground and John Bonham would rise from the dead to preform Fool on the Hill, which they totally wrote in 1967 when they were totally Led Zeppelin and I would use totally a lot like I totally did in this totally totalin' comment. EXACTLY. I am not sure why John Lennon wasn't there, 'cause he's totally alive…


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