Fresh off his divorce from Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise has a new significant other in his life:  Anderson Cooper.

 Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise  have just put the finishing touches on their divorce settlement and Katie is already happily moving on by reportedly signing Sure Cruise up for Catholic School in New York City – at St. Francis Xavier in Greenwich Village.

Meanwhile, Tom was caught locking lips with a special someone in California.  WWN has confirmed that this special someone is:  Anderson Cooper.

The CNN news anchor recently came out as gay:

Tom was caught kissing actress Anderson on the set of his movie, Oblivion.   They were filming in Mammoth, California.

Rumors swirled that the two had “great chemistry” and that Tom ( and Anderson) both seemed extremely happy.

“They’ve always admired and respected each other,” said a crew member on the set of another film.  “And now that Tom is divorced and Anderson is out, they can move ahead with a full relationship.  We’re all happy for them.”

Katie Holmes reportedly told friends in New York that she always suspected that Tom had “a thing” for Anderson.  “Katie said that Tom would watch Anderson Cooper 360 almost non-stop, because he recorded all the shows,” said a friend.  “Tom was obsessed with Anderson.”

The biggest concern for Tom is that the nickname for the couple.  “It’s going to be tough to match TomKat,” said the source.  “TomAnd doesn’t work so well and ‘Crouper’ sounds odd.”

Tom’s publicist is confident that Tom will come up with a good nickname.  Meanwhile, the Church of Scientology has come out in strong support of the union. “As long as Anderson gives us ninety percent of his income, we have no problem with him dating our leader,” said someone not officially associated with Scientology.

Suri has Two Dads… and a Kat!

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  1. I’m glad Tom has come to terms with himself. I hope they both have a happy and prosperous relationship. Good luck you two.


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