A 2,000-mile high pillar of cloud has formed on Saturn and scientists believe the planet may explode in the near future.

At first scientists believed that the fog near Saturn was coming from Saturn’s moon, Titan, but on closer examination it appears that Saturn is undergoing a cataclysm and it could destroy itself in the next ten months.

NASA scientists are puzzling over the orbiting Cassini probe’s images of Saturn. “We’re not sure what’s going on up there,” said lead astrophysicist, Dr. Robert Comito of NASA.  “But Saturn’s atmosphere seems to be imploding.  The planet appears to be heating up and is releasing enormous amounts of energy.”

“It’s almost releasing as much energy as a ex-galactic sun,” Comito went on to say.  “This may actually explain the extreme weather we’ve been having on earth.”

Saturn has long been considered a “frozen planet” so the fact that it appears to be burning up has many members of NASA in a state of utter panic.

“We’re in unchartered waters,” said a top executive with NASA.  “If Saturn blows up, the whole solar system will be thrown out of sync and who knows what that will mean for Earth.  It can’t be good.”

Images from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft show a concentration of high-altitude haze, a vortex materializing and massive flames on Saturn.

Cassini first saw a ‘hood’ of high-altitude haze and a vortex, which is a mass of swirling gas on Saturn in 2004.

During a June 27 distant flyby, Cassini’s imaging cameras captured a crow’s-eye view of thevortex in visible light. These new images show this detached, high-altitude haze layer in stunning new detail.

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