Cher reportedly came out and expressed her love for Mitt Romney.
Cher is never one to mince words, but she sounded a bit confused the last few days.
She started a flame war yesterday when she tweeted some harsh words for the GOP’s presidential hopeful: “If  Romney gets elected I don’t know if I can breathe same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters.”

She later deleted the words and told sources close to Chaz that “hate is very close to love and I love Mitt so much that I acted out.  I’m so sorry.  I really do love Mitt and always have.  He’s a dream.”
WWN has learned that Cher has known Mitt for a long time.  In the 70s they were even an item for a while:

And in the 80s they attended a number of black tie affairs together.  “Cher has always had a soft spot for Mitt,” said a friend of Cher’s stylist.  “Cher married a Republican, Sonny Bono, and has always been drawn to them.  With Mitt she got a Republican, who was also hot.  She loved him, and still does.”

Sources say that Cher is distraught about her tweet and has personally called and apologized to Mitt, who graciously accepted.  “Mitt has always had a big crush on Cher and she holds a special place in his heart,” said a campaign spokesperson.

Cher plans on holding a fundraiser for Romney in the Hollywood Hills next week.  Cher and Romney will sing “I Got You Babe” together that night.
Love save the day…

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  1. Mormons need to lighten up..
    The whole nation has been making fun of Cher's silly underwear (and lack of it) for almost 50 decades, and she hasn't whined about it.


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