Top Ten WWN gifts for father’s day:

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and the Weekly World News has exactly what you need to make it unbelievable for the big man in your life. Check out our picks for the top 10 WWN Gifts your Dad will love!

  1. A WWN Father’s Day Custom Cover

Your Dad is one of a kind, so get him a gift that is as special as he is. This custom WWN cover features YOUR Dad getting the praise he deserves from the proud members of the WWN family. Customize the joyful words from Bat Boy and Ed Anger, as P’lod shakes the hand of the most important man in your life. The print comes on Hi-Res Photo quality paper, in a Black 11X14 Rubberwood Frame. This is a gift that your Dad will never forget, and at $79.99, everyone wins. Click Here to Buy!

2. A Weekly World News Digital Subscription
 Your Dad was heartbroken when the Weekly World News no longer printed his favorite tabloid. How in the world can he stay updated on the world of Bigfoot, Bat Boy, and Manigator? The WWN has heard his cries, and we have delivered. Get him a Subscription to the Digital Version of the Weekly World News! Delivered to his E-Mail twice a month, the Hi-Res issue can be opened on smartphones, Tablets, and Computers, for the World’s Most Reliable News- on the go. He will feel so tech-savvy- while staying updated on everything from the upcoming Alien Invasion to the plight of the Mole People in the Arctic. 1 year is only $19.95- thats less than 85 cents an issue, with no paper waste! Click Here to Buy!

3) The Bat Boy Bundle!
Why not get him a little bit of everything? This WWN Bundle is a $40 savings on his favorite WWN memorabilia. In addition to getting a 1 year digital subscription to the Weekly World News, he will also receive a classic Vintage Issue direct from the WWN archives, a collectors-edition magnetic postcard book featuring some of our favorite headlines, Bat Boy’s Book: Going Mutant, a Bat Boy Bobblehead, and a “Bat Boy” T-Shirt! Only $39.99, this bundle provides a big bang for your buck. Dad will be so grateful- great gift, great savings! Click Here to Buy!


4. “Alien Arrested!” Framed Cover
“Alien Arrested” for stalking the Mother of his Love Child…Yikes! Luckily your Dad is a much kinder fellow. Show him you care with this hilarious framed cover! It will remind him what a good Dad he really is. The Cover comes on Hi-Res Photo quality paper, in a Black 11X14 Rubberwood Frame. Bring the WWN classic covers like this and others into your home for only $39.99! Click Here to Buy!

5. A WWN Cover Mug

Wake Dad up with the WWN! Our Mugs feature the Classic WWN cover, “Captured Alien is 500 Years Old!” Perfect for Coffee, Tea, or something stronger, Dad will love getting a blast of Truth with his morning (or afternoon, or evening) beverage. He will never want to drink from anything else ever again. Only $17.99! Click Here to Buy!

6. A Titanic T-Shirt
Does your Dad love Boats? History? Wearing Shirts? Our newest and softest Titanic T-Shirts come from Retro-Brand in California, featuring Classic headline “Titanic Captain Found in Lifeboat!” With the arrival of the Hundred Year anniversary of the Titanic, it is on everybody’s mind. Your Dad will love making headlines, and remind everyone around him why the WWN is the best News Source around! Get yours (and Dad’s) today for only $24.95! Click Here to Buy!

7. The Royals & Bigfoot E-Book Special!
 What’s better than an E-Book? Two for the price of one! Get our best stories on The Royals, and Bigfoot, all in two fantastic E-Books. Get them for your E-Reader, Tablet, Smartphone, or Computer, and you will never be without the best of the World’s Most Reliable News! Both books for only $9.99! Click Here to Buy!

8. A Special Edition Glow in the Dark Bat Boy!
Bat Boy’s story is truly the saga of the century. From being found in a cave in West Virginia, the poor mutant was chased by the FBI, CIA, and other Top-Secret organizations all over the country. He fought in Afghanistan, Found Saddam Hussein, and led Cops on a 3 state Chase in a stolen Mini-Cooper. His accomplishments are endless, and he is still on the lam. Give Bat Boy a safe home at last with this Special Edition Glow in the Dark Bat Boy Bobblehead. Supplies are limited, so act fast. Dad will be grateful, knowing that the glow of Bat Boy will always be there to light up his life. On sale now for only $18.99 for a short time! Click Here to Buy!

9. Bat Child Found in Cave T-Shirt
Bat Boy is America’s favorite Mutant, so wear your support with pride. This T-Shirt will let everyone know that you are a supporter of not only Bat Boy, but of Mutants everywhere. Get yours on sale today for only $14.99! Click Here to Buy!

10. UFO
 We know you’d say your Dad is out of this world, now make that statement a reality. Our UFO’s are certified best in the solar system. We have the widest selection of spacecrafts available north of NASA! Whether you select the “Lone Wolf,” the “Dime Piece,” or the “Mother of All Starships,” we guarantee that your Dad will be the real Star zipping around the galaxy*. Though pricey, this is truly a one of a kind gift that cannot be missed. Click Here to Buy!

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