Lindsay Lohan crashed her Porsche, and she’s blaming Liz Taylor’s ghost!
First of all it was the driver’s fault, then it was her’s, now Lindsay Lohan has told friends that crash which totaled her rented Porsche was because the ghost of Liz Taylor was yelling at her at the time.

Every since Lindsay Lohan began shooting the Lifetime biopic “Liz & Dick” Lohan has told friends that the Ghost of Liz Taylor has been haunting her, telling her how to act, what to wear and how to behave.  Lohan told friends that Taylor has not been happy with Lohan’s performance.
“She told me that Liz Taylor’s ghost is a bitch,” said a friend close to Lohan.
The driver of the truck that Lohan rammed into said that the accident was entirely Lohan’s fault and said he didn’t see Liz Taylor’s ghost or “any ghost” anywhere near Lohan.
“The only ghosts are in her head,” the truck driver reportedly said.

Lohan was brought to Santa Monica UCLA hospital, but was released right away.  Liz Taylor’s ghost stayed with Lohan, berating her for crashing a Porsche.  “You almost killed me again,” the ghost of Liz Taylor reportedly said.

Lohan and her ghostly friend were back on the set today.


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