Asian men share tips on how to catch a woman and keep her happy.
For generations Asian women learned how to treat a woman by following rules laid down by Chinese philosopher Wang Xu in his book Maxims for Teaching Men.  Now they’ve taken his words of wisdom that have been passsed down fro more than 2,000 years and updated them to deal with women in 2012.
Here are the winning recommendations for Western men who want to trade be successful in love and marriage:
1)  TREAT HER LIKE GOLD – Your woman is a queen.  Remember that your wife comes first – before you,  your job, your outside interests or even your mother!

2) MORNING RITUAL.  Get up in the morning before your woman does.  Make sure to write her a special love note, something short and sweet – and hide it in place that she’ll find it later in the day.  Make it short, loving, funny, touching… just let her know you are thinking of her and that you love her.
3)  TALK.  Don’t sit there like a lump on a log.  Talk to her.  She wants to know how you are feeling, what you are thinking and what you are doing!   Don’t just grunt and mumble.  Never, ever.  She’s your best friend, so talk to her.
4) LISTEN TO HER.  Even more important – listen to her.  Women like to talk about their day, their problems, their concerns etc.  Listen to her.  Really listen.  She can tell if you’re only half-listening.  Give her your full attention.

4)  BE AT HOME.  Make sure you come home to be with her.  You don’t have to stay late at work EVERY night.  You don’t have to meet your buddies and watch sports games EVERY sunday.  Sepnd time with your wife.
5)  COMPLIMENT HER.   Is that so hard?   If she looks good – tell her.  If she smells good – tell her.  If she’s great in bed – tell her.  Who doesn’t like compliments?


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  2. It's nice to treat a woman like the Queen, But does this mean we are likely to cheat on the wife if another woman comes around and treats us like Kings? Surely there's gotta be a balance

  3. Wow… I'm old and I have never met a guy who does any of the above things.
    Except groom himself for his mother. That's about it. My ex even kissed his mother – on the mouth. One reason why he's my ex.

  4. Hmm, i like the woman and the man one.. but in a way, i felt like the woman one seemed like you were a weakling and a push over etc. i donno.. must just be because of the culture i have been brought up in, which is woman and men are equal etc.

  5. did you all read what the asian women say about not nagging and talking just about the stuff that the man wants to? here the man say the exact opposite … so … if you are a couple that respect all this, you have no communication just because you wait for the other one to start talking about his problems….

  6. Why he gotta be black?! Nothing racist is hinted, but why he gotta be black?! I don't think the -black- part had to be mentioned. It was unnecessary

  7. Well, most of Asian women have these attitude. Men who said he gets opposite with what the story above from his Asian girlfriend/wife is not lucky enough for such Asian girlfriend/wife he has. I agree this is true…I could do all these to my future boyfriend/husband…I want to give him all the best that I can.

  8. I love making dinner for my woman and talking. And of course my woman deserves to be treated like gold. Actually she's more than gold. She's the one person I never get tired of. 🙂

  9. Wife over your mother? Sorry, are you Asian, dear writer? Not that I unquestioningly support the ideology, but I believe that your mother is more important than yourself, your wife, even your children in Asian ideology. Your mother raised you for your whole life and you're going to dump her for a woman you've known for less than half that time? You can birth another child, you can marry another wife, but you can never have another mother. Even if the Asian community has started to take old traditions and rules with a grain of salt nowadays, or even if I (as an Asian) don't always agree with Asian ideologies, that is the original idea as spread by Asian philosophers, so please don't use the label "Asian" to spout nonsense like "your wife is more important than your mother". My mother used to tell me "choose your man by looking at how he treats his mother; that's the way he will treat you after a decade of marriage".

    • Actually if you're truly Asian you would know that God will always be more important than anything else. Actually that also applies to all nationalities. Are you married? If you are, you probably married a "mama's boy" where every decision depends on his mother's opinions and decisions. You must like guys with mommy issues. Eeewwww!

    • No, I disagree with you. I'm a man, and if I have no loyalty to my mother after everything she did for me for over half a century, how would you expect to be loyal to my wife?!! If I can choose my wife over my mother after all that she did for me, trust me, I would choose someone over my wife without thinking twice over a little issue, or maybe because she's sexier, or showing me more love. Since I have no loyalty, then I have no manors, if I have no manors, then I have no problem doing anything wrong or bad, because I don't have loyalty and therefore, I have no consciousness of guilt. With all due respect, I think you're the one who has mama issues. I love my mom more than anything in the world, yet, I do not let her interfere or involved in my marriage life. Each is family in a different way, each is respected in a different way, and each is loved in a different way, but to choose my wife over my mom!! No way

    • Note to all women.. don't be too quick or eager to let go of your papa or papa's name. No man will ever treat you better than him!!! Assuming he was there for you of course!!

  10. A women will never respect you if you do all this, she will walk all over you. Protect and love your women, that's it. Women think they like the nice guy but in truth, they don't respect them. Why do you think they stay with "bad boys" or whatnot. Never strike a women or directly hurt her feelings but don't bend over backwards for them.

    • That's a bit closed minded. I don't understand why men are perceived as strong and independent if they rely on women to take care of every aspect of their lives. Women take care of themselves, which is a big enough job in itself, plus have to take care of their husband like a high-maintenance extra child. Your woman shouldn't have to "appreciate" when you do little things around the house like empty the dishwasher etc. because they aren't the only one who lives in the house. If your woman loves you, she will respect you whether or not you pull your weight, but I guarantee she will enjoy your company a lot more if being with you doesn't feel like a chore. I can't speak for all women, but being a sissy in other aspects of your life would call for the loss of respect, not showing that you know how to do chores. Personally, the quickest ways for a man to lose my respect are: having a bad work ethic, spending money on useless things, playing computer/xbox games, being selfish in bed, and being clingy.

    • Arnold, you should date someone who's more mature then? As a woman, I assure you that you will definitely earn her respect. Most of women do have a phase when they are somehow attracted to bad boys, but once they have learned their lesson, thoughtful and mature ones do not go back to that route.

  11. This is the truth! The Bible says that man should leave his parents and cleave with his wife and as they become one she becomes the center of his life and is put BEFORE parents (and above all MOTHER) and children. He is to LAY HIS LIFE for the wife, and the wife must also leave everything to follow him and follow his lead. She becomes his helper and partner in crime and he comes BEFORE her parents (and above all FATHER) and children. That's the divine order, it goes against 95% of all cultures. True christianity (not the commercial mainstream lie sold to the masses) is a rebellious faith, that's why it takes serious faith to follow it. I commend the writer this is the basis of a good marriage. And many marriages are in trouble because of that. When you get married it's an entire NEW FAMILY UNIT that has been created. Nobody she invade that sacred union, period, point blank!

  12. OMG I have been married for 13 years, and let me tell you it only gets worse. It starts off alright but out only gets worse. Be fore warbed. Life sucks. Good luck in trying to change your man..or even help u him understand! Court for v the rest of your life….I
    ts more fun.

    • What is the reason your marriage of 13+ years does not work?
      Married for 16 years and always treated my wife very well, father in law advised me not to do so.
      Are all Chinese so bloddy materialsitic?
      Wife tells me " you are a good husband" ," you are a good father" ," but I don't love you, go and look for a girl that can give you what you want ( love and affection)
      Reason NOT ENOUGH MONEY, no money no more honey

  13. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. Your article makes us very happy. Many thanks again

  14. "1) TREAT HER LIKE GOLD – Your woman is a queen. Remember that your wife comes first – before you, your job, your outside interests or even your mother!"
    As an Asian person, I know this isn't true. Your parents, teachers, and ancestors are above everything. We are not allowed to show any signs of affection in front of our elders, lest they think that we hold someone else above them.

  15. How lost we all are. Even me. Hense look around. 2days life/lifestyle will answer you. Am i the only person 2 write this year?

  16. How lost we all are. Even me. Hence look around. 2days life/lifestyle will answer you. Am i the only person 2 write this year?

  17. What a piece of crap is theis advise. Asian women are gold diggers if married to a westerner.
    She woman has to get up and make your the breakfast. Ever heard about Japanese Culture?
    They way to keep you happy and your marriage intact for years to come is:
    The man is the boss, do treat her nice and fair, respect her and her family. But do not let her run the marriage.
    Macro management is by the man.
    Micromanagement let her do to a certain extent, on and off make changes to her choice just to make sure she knows who is in charge in the home.
    If you treat her as an equal she will demand more. She then will show her love only by nagging and she will never be satisfied. Trust me I am married for 16years to. Chinese Teochew. The only asian more materialistic is A Shanghai upperclass Girl.
    Make sure you always earn enough money for the houshold. no money no honey, no matter what she had promisse you earlier.
    Unless you crave for an asian finanzial dome and be treated badly
    Mickey Blue eye


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