Sheep have been falling from the sky over Melbourne, Australia!
Falling sheep hit vehicles all across the Australian city of Melbourne.  Some thought they came from a truck carrying livestock, but authorities later confirmed – they just fell from the sky!

One truck carrying 400 sheep hung precariously on a bridge and its cargo plunged on to the road below.  This confused authorities, because at the same time sheep were falling on buildings, homes and in swimming pools.
Hundreds of cars were smashed as they were hit by the falling sheep and many  swerved to avoid them.

Many sheep were killed or injured, but Melbourne police said there were no human casualties.  Though some humans were arrested for trying to drag away some dead ship.
So, what caused the sheep to fall from the sky?  “We have no idea, but there are many in the department that think aliens stole the sheep last week, brought them into their spaceships and then just started pummeling our citizens.”

WWN can confirm that over 5,000 sheep mysteriously disappeared in and around Melbourne over the last six weeks.  And now… the sheep are being used as missiles.
“It’s definitely Gootans,” said Dr. Susan Begley of the U.N. Panel of Extraterrestrials. “Gootans have been known to attack with sheep.”

Bottom line – keep your heads up, and watch out for falling sheep!
Here’s the original – though inaccurate – report of the falling sheep.

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