Kat Von D is suing by Kat Von D for damages related to a fire that burned down the “LA Ink” star’s home in 2010.
Kat is trying to get $909,199 from herself in the lawsuit, which claims that she set the fire on purpose.  Kat is denying the claims, saying that it was accident.

Kat’s, who’s real name is Katherine von Drachenberg, lost most of her belongings when her Hollywood Hills home went ablaze.
Her pet cat, Valentine, also died in the fire. She later tweeted regarding the incident, “In order to gain everything, you must lose everything…R.I.P. My little Valentine.”
Later when Kat read this text she got upset and blamed herself for the death of her cat. She is also seeking to get a cat from herself in the lawsuit.
Kat Von D has hired two lawyers, who to sue herself and one to defend herself against the lawsuit.

Why is she doing this now?  Well, new information was uncovered that suggests the fire was started accidentally by Von D herself.  She told herself this in a private conversation with herself that she taped.
The reality television tattoo artist allegedly left burning candles in her home that eventually caused the inferno.  Kat originally tried to get money from State Farm Insurance company, but they denied her claim. So, she’s going after herself.

Kat Von D hasn’t commented on her suit.  Neither has Kat Von D.  It’s curious that at the time of the fire she was dating this man:

Could he have something to with the fire?
If so, Kat will sue him as well.

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  1. Freakin' awesome! This satire makes mincemeat out of the idiotic media coverage. Brilliant. Thank you for making our day with slide splitting laughter.


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