Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift surprised the world – and her family – when they got married this weekend!
They were having a long-distance relationship.  She was putting together her next world tour, he was putting his books in his high school locker. But they missed each other. They couldn’t take be part for a second longer.

Earlier in September, Kennedy returned to boarding school in Deerfield, Mass., to begin his junior year of high school. While Kennedy was hitting the books, Swift was busy with promotional duties for her new album “Red,” including stops at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, the Canadian Country Music Awards and the “Stand Up to Cancer” telethon.

“Caylor” fans were thrilled to learn that Taylor decided to tie the knot wither her boyfriend of less than six months.  “Taylor found the love of her life and she wants to spend the next 80 years with Conor,” said a source close to Swift.  Taylor recently bought a half million dollar house near the Kennedy compound on Martha’s Vineyard.
Even though members of Swift’s family warned her that she way wind up at the bottom of a river someday, due to the “Kennedy curse”, Swift went ahead with the wedding.
Here’s Taylor in her “wedding” dress:

The Kennedy family was thrilled that Taylor wanted to get married on the weekend and quickly put together a simple $200,000 wedding.  The Kennedy’s did not invite the Swift family because, “they’re not Kennedys,” as member of the Kennedy family told WWN.

After spending a romantic afternoon shopping for collectibles at Deerfield’s Old Station Antiques. They went back to the Kennedy compound, said their vows and then Taylor jammed for the guests.  Conor drank his Mountain Dew, because he won’t be able to drink for another three years.  But the rest of the Kennedy clan made up for it, by getting completely hammered.
Bobby Kennedy Jr., who’s ex-wife recently committed suicide, showed up at the wedding completely drunk and reportedly handing out prescription pills to anybody who would take them (primarily himself).  He also reportedly managed to insult everyone including the bride and groom.  “Oh, that’s just Bobby being Bobby,”  Bobby Kennedy told WWN.
Here’s a shot from the wild wedding reception:

Taylor has made great effort to spend as much time as possible with Conor, whose grandfather was the late Robert F. Kennedy.
She may be known for sticking it to her exes in her lyrics, but Taylor showed devotion when she went with Conor to visit his mother’s gravesite last May after she passed away.
Taylor played three songs at the party at the Kennedy compound after the wedding.

Earlier this month, The We Are Never Getting Back Together singer even flew Conor out to be with her for a few days in Nashville because she missed him so much.
The couple plans on living together after Conor graduates college in six years, though Taylor is hoping to have a baby by the time Conor graduates in 2014.
Here’s the couple getting ready for their honeymoon in Cape Cod.


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