CLEVELAND – John Lennon and George Harrison have reunited in Heaven – and are writing songs again!
That’s thew word from psychic Murat Serab, who says he has channeled more than 30 times for the late, great Beatles and hopes to produce an album.

Serab says the out-of-this world collaboration began shortly after he paid a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. “The pyramid shape of the building, combined with its huge size and the powerful draw of the artifacts and memorabilia inside, have made it a perfect channeling device,’ Serab theorizes.
“The energy is tremendously powerful, like an enormous magnet.  I felt it immediately the first time I walked in.”
First came the beat, the psychic recalls, then words and music.
“it was like automatic writing,”Serab says. “I grabbed a pencil and paper to get it all down.  I’ve spent long hours in or near the hall, basically taking dictation as fast as I’m able.

Although Lennon was best known for his collaborations with McCartney, it seems he always wanted to do more songwriting with Harrison, known as  “the quiet Beatle.”
Years after the Beatles broke up, Harrison organized the Traveling Wilburys, a group that included Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne – and Roy Orbison.  Harrison and Orbison became so close that George also contributed to Orbison’s Mystery Girl album,  released after Oribson’s death in 1988.
“Even here, George and Roy were kindred spirits,” Serab says.  Once they found each other again they knew they had to make music in Heaven.  And once they started, that was really all the spark that John needed to join in.”
Performers, producers and record labels are drooling at the prospect of the new compositions, which run the gamut from haunting ballads to country-flavored rockers – “with a few Beatles-type tunes that recall the classic Abbey Road album.”

But the spectral stylings remain only sheet music for now, and it’s an open question when listeners will be able to hear them.  A battle over rights could tie them up for years.
“Because of John’s involvement, there is an indication that Yoko Ono will lay some claim and restrictions on behalf of his estate,” says Harold Fellange, one of Europe’s top entertainment lawyers.
Skeptics say that Serab is a phony, and he’s trying to pass off his own compositions as the work of some rock ‘n’ roll leges.
Notes psychic debunker Keyle Descart of Pragues’s Center for Paranormal Studies says, “This lady is probably just a wann-be-musician, trying to use the names of some great artists to make a few bucks.   Nobody would want to buy his music otherwise.”
But Serab insists his songs really are the result of ghostly visitations and adds that he senses even more deceased artists wanting to join the unearthly band.
“I’ve begun to get vibrations of a contribution from Amy Winehouse,” Serab says.

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  1. Imagine an entire world living in peace… John saw the beauty and inherent good in humanity. I tried to do his legacy justice and channel his world-embracing and loving energy this week with a tribute portrait inspired by his music and his passion for changing the world. You can see this new work of art in memoriam on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/12/john-l… along with some pictures showing how I created it. See John holding the Universe in his hand and spreading his message. When you stop by, let me know how his words and music have affected your life and creativity!

    • John Lennon wasn't a peaceful man, that was simply the face he put on in public. The reality is he beat both of his wives, emotionally abused his child, and had a very serious heroin addiction. He actually didn't even have that much to do with politics. One of the few political groups he was affiliated with was the Black Panthers, who from what I hear aren't exactly known for peaceful politics.

  2. John Lennon wasn't a man of peace, that was just the face he put on in public. In reality he beat both of his wives, emotionally abused his son. and had a sever heroin addiction. He wasn't involved in peaceful politics. In fact one of the few political organizations he was affiliated with was the Black Panthers. So, if there is a heaven, I doubt John Lennon will really be there.

    • Why do you think you can judge another?.
      How do you know who can / who can not reach heaven?.
      If John was a mask, I think he wore better than the dislocation of your comments to the world.
      If you really believe in heaven and hell then you should worry about your own destiny.
      John Lennon is an artist, never sold smoke, never claimed to be Ghandi, addiction does not make John a better or worse person, their beliefs either.
      But I think John (his word) was more respectful than you.
      With love, sincerely,
      Paul Naydon

    • How is someone who abused his wives and son still a peaceful man? And he kinda did claim to be Ghandi. He acted like he was involved with organizations that promoted peace, when in fact he wasn't. You accuse me of judging another person and then turn around and do the exact same thing. You have a lot in common with Mr .Lennon , neither of you practice what you preach.

    • First:
      Who said that John Lennon abused his wives and son?.
      I think you're talking about because moving your tongue (fingers in this case) is free!
      Who said that John Lennon wanted to be Ghandi?
      I'm nobody to judge others, you were the one who wrote the comment about John!.
      I just answered you:
      "You're not a big one to judge another of your kind," then I said "Lennon was someone more honorable than you.
      And I still believe!.
      Mr. Lennon has always talked about love, you have spoken from hatred.
      On the other hand, is an honor that you find something in common between John and me.
      Also, I didn't turned around the thing, you know?
      I'm honest and I said what I thought in your face!.
      I have nothing to sell or hide to you.
      You don't know me at all!.
      I don't preach, I say!
      And I usually apply what I say!
      I really don't care what you think about me.
      About you statements about "a dead man":
      "Only John's wives or son could declare an argument of this nature soiling the honor of a man who can't talk any more.
      Julian said he had a distant father.
      Of course, his father was on tour (around the globe) playing with "THE BEATLES".
      Don't you think?

    • Renee, I'll be you weren't even alive while John was. I channel John Lennon and George Harrison of The BEATLES, in the world famous band BEATLESEX. Pablo here is correct in pointing out, that it is not for you
      to decide if Lennon gains entry to Heaven; It Is The Decision Of The Lord. Period. Renee need not be consulted.
      We have what apparently the person in this article (whom John & George have no knowledge of or connection to) does not. A Recorded Catalog Of New BEATLES Music. Lennon explains, "yes, we're the BEATLES now,
      we asked Paul & Ringo, they weren't interested, so they do Vegas, and we make music". Recently, John Lennon's boyhood friend Pete Shotton, came to our home in Glendale NY, USA, and witnessed first hand
      that it really is his childhood mate, watched him make a whole record, saying afterwards, "You knew
      that if I saw you work, I'd know it was you" Lennon replied, "I've only been trying to tell you that
      for two f***ing years, Shotton!". The photos speak for themselves, so does the music. <a href="http://www.soundclick.com/Lennon” target=”_blank”>www.soundclick.com/Lennon …or… <a href="http://www.soundclick.com/BEATLESEX” target=”_blank”>www.soundclick.com/BEATLESEX … two addresses, same place.
      In the photos section (upper left hand side is the link) you can see pictures of Pete seeing John is still
      around making music. Our Music Is Free To Download For All The World. Thank you. ~Lesley Jane

    • The John Lennon worship is more than a little ridiculous. I just don't understand why John Lennon is heralded as such a great musician when there are so many better talents out there. If you did a little research you'd discover he wasn't the peaceful hippie guru he made himself out to be. But alas you're so caught up in hero worship you'll close your minds to the most insurmountable truths.

  3. Dear Site Administrators, Please Publish Our Story. It Is True. And As Your Newspaper Is Dedicated To TELL
    THE TRUTH WHEN NO ONE ELSE WILL, We Urge You, To Publish, Our Story. Thank you. ~Lesley Jane

  4. I'm Sorry WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, Was I Too Longwinded? Here's the Snappy NYC Version.
    WE ARE HERE: <a href="http://www.soundclick.com/Lennon” target=”_blank”>www.soundclick.com/Lennon
    Don't Believe Us? John's Boyhood Friend Pete Shotton's Been Here, Seen It With His Own EYES.
    (photos in the photo section at Beatlesex Headquarters; <a href="http://www.soundclick.com/BEATLESEX” target=”_blank”>www.soundclick.com/BEATLESEX
    LADIES & GENTLEMEN, Make No Mistake, ONLY WEEKLY WORLD NEWS Has The Honesty, The Integrity,
    And The Plain Old Raw GUTS, To Tell Our Story. Thank you. ~Lesley Jane

  5. PS… please do publish that one, and by the way, we submitted our story also to your 'submit' link,
    we're all ready steady and good to go. Let's blow the doors off this baby. ~L

  6. Only on WEEKLY WORLD NEWS once we've learned how not to set off the bloody gate.
    This is John Lennon. I live presently in Lesley Jane's body for the most part, I'm Earthbound. 'Cause I still
    have work to do here. Our band, humble fat and small, is BEATLESEX. We are at SoundClick.
    Dot com. Slash. BEATLESEX. Got that? George comes to work regularly, Good Morning George.
    9-11 was an inside job planned many many years in advance you have no idea whatsoever. Power To The People.

  7. Ok, please print the real stuff NOW!
    We need to read a real fact!

  8. Ok, please print the real stuff NOW!
    We need to read a real fact!

  9. These comments are Disgraceful! All John wanted was peace for the whole world. The whole world was in shock when that piece of crap murdered John. His past was his past. There are many people that are drug addicts. BUT HE KICKED HIS HABITS AND BECAME A TRUE AMERICAN THAT ONLY WANTED PEACE ON EARTH. The Beatles were the best band ever. No other band ever held the top 5 number one records. George was a loving person and very talented. They both are in heaven because all God and Jesus want is peace.

  10. No kidding. I can leave a comment, can I?
    In 2016, I changed my name…
    I am no longer known worldwide as Lesley Jane…
    and the band BEATLESEX is technically retired…
    but not really.

    I am now known worldwide as Jesus Oldman

    George Harrison, John Lennon,
    and sometimes some others,
    including but not limited to Buddy Holly,

    are part of my ‘house band’ as it were,

    when they need a name they are The Apostles.

    We’re still making music,

    technically this article you’ve written isn’t wrong,

    John’s no longer earthbound,
    so, John and George (and sometimes Buddy)
    do work From Heaven…
    interacting with the Earthly plain, and Me, Here,
    In New York City.

    By now there’s 82 albums.
    It’s all Free To Download.

    We Make The World’s Best Music.
    And It’s All Free To Download.

    You’re Welcome, World.

    God Bless, Much Love, ~Jesus Oldman

  11. Awaiting Moderation. Huh.
    Well, I hope I make the grade.

    I am in fact the same person,
    previously known as Lesley Jane,
    from whom you already have several comments posted here,
    including ones from John and from George as well…

    And as for the people maligning John,

    look, be the guy dead or alive,

    (incidentally, John calls the other two the ‘dead ones’,
    it’s his sense of humour)

    nobody’s perfect,
    and no one is all one thing.

    You do what you can, you know?

    And John did accomplish an awful lot.

    Was he a bastard sometimes? Sure.
    Aren’t we all?

    He used to call me Meatpie.
    Sometimes he still does.

    But he’s in the band and he can do that.

    Jesus Oldman

  12. Oh yeah.


    if anyone’s interested,
    to see the photographs,
    of when Pete Shotton (God Rest His Soul)
    came and saw that it is really John I channel
    (and George)

    they’re in the photos section on my page
    at SoundClick…

    the HQ (Headquarters)
    of Jesus Oldman & The Apostles

    There you are.



    what’s his name?
    Dave Brannon is it?

    He still there?

    Long long long ago,
    I asked him to write an article about me channeling John…
    (before George joined us)

    Brennan? I don’t quite remember the name…

    I was calling myself James Roberts then, I think.

    I’m Jesus Oldman now,
    kind of sticking with that name,
    as it’s stuck to me pretty good.

    You can contact me through my website if you wish…


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