CHICAGO –  The U.S. launched an invasion  last night as special forces units and  Blackhawk helicopters attacked the city.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel reportedly coordinated the invasion with the White House.
Late last night blackhawk helicopters and  A/MH-6 Little Bird helicopters carrying hundreds of special forces landed in  downtown Chicago.

                                                          Photo by Nick Prendergast
Windows rattled on the city’s skyscrapers.  Citizens were frightened, but Mayor Emanuel assured citizens that the Marines would take good care of them, “Nobody will be harmed, unless you try to fight back or run,” a representative from the Mayor’s office reportedly said.
Some thought it was merely a training exercise comes as the city found out some of the details of what the Secret Service wants for security at next month’s summit at McCormick Place.
But, WWN learned that the White House was concerned about growing violence in Chicago and “they wanted to stop it in its track,” said a source close to the White House.

Chicago officials report that traffic was running smoothly in Chicago and as long as citizens “stay inside” there will be no trouble.
Local newsreporters said that the special forces units had their automatic weapons out and seemed ready to fire at anybody that tried to push back against them.
The city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications announced that Chicago is just the first city of many in the United States that the White House plans on taking over before the November elections.
“The President wants to ensure that the elections are run smoothly and that those who want to vote for him will be able to do so, and those that don’t… well, that’s what the Seals are for,” said an anonymous source in the White House.

Many Chicagoans are frightened and have complained to the Federal government.
“Let them complain, see how far that gets them,” a source said Mayor Emanuel said.

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