MERRITT ISLAND, FL –  Wild, vicious raccoons are attacking citizens in Kiwanis Island Park.
Brevard County Parks and Recreation closed Kiwanis Island Park on Merritt Island, Florida after hundreds of raccoon attack were reported over the last few weeks.
Governor Rick Scott is sending in the National Guard.  “The raccoons are out of control.  We’re hoping the Guard can control them… but we’re not taking any chances.  We may have to ask the government for help from the NAVY Seals,” said a Florida government insider.
Brevard County Animal Services trapped two raccoons, and another trapper contracted by Parks and Recreation trapped two more raccoons at the park Sunday morning.  But that didn’t stop the hundreds of other raccoons that are causing mayhem.
There are reportedly two casualties from raccoon deaths… so far.   Residents are heading out of town – running for their lives.
The first attack was reported by a woman who was eating lunch under a park pavilion.  She was surrounded by nine killer raccoons.  Luckily she was saved by a Park Ranger. She was transported for medical treatment, but the extent of her injuries was unknown.
Just this morning,  a mother and child were on the playground when the child was reportedly bitten by a wild raccoon.  The police located the raccoon and after an intense fight, the raccoon was taken out.Kiwanis Island Park is located on State Road 520 on Merritt Island, Florida.


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