MOSCOW – Newly elected Russian President, Vladimir Putin has reportedly donated 1 billion to a mysterious Obama SuperPac.
There are rumors all across the internet – in the U.S. and Russia – that Vladimir Putin has decided to “donate” a large sum of money – reportedly close to 1 billion – to the same Obama SuperPac that Bill Maher has donated to.  Bill Maher reportedly was instrumental in brokering the deal.
“I did it for the women of the world,” Putin reportedly said.

Isn’t it illegal for a non-American to donate to a SuperPac?  And isn’t illegal for a foreign government to donate to a U.S. Presidential election?  WWN contacted sources inside the Justice Department and they said “the rules are changing all the time here and we are trying to decide what is and what is not illegal.

What about the U.S. Constitution?  “That’s just so outdated, it doesn’t even mention SuperPacs,” the Justice Department insider said.
Senator John McCain blew a gasket when he heard about Putin’s donation.  Reports are that Senator McCain had to taken away in a strait jacket.  “He kept yelling ‘Citizens United’, Citizens United’!” said a source in Congress.  There were some Occupy Protesters who heard McCain and yelled back at him “Right on, John!  Right on, John!”
Why would Putin donate to Obama?  Does he like him what much?

Sources close to Putin say that the Russian President feels that he can control President Obama, “easily”, and that he’d have a much tougher time with any of the Republican candidates, except Ron Paul.  “Putin feels that if Obama is re-elected than Putin can become the defacto leader of the world.  And his dream will come true.”
Russians were quick to comment:
“It is about time that Russia take over the world, once and for all.  We should buy all of America right now.  It is cheap.  Not worth much any more,” said Ivan Krosnev, a member of the Russian government.
Mitt Romney said that he plans to meet with Putin and try to persuade him to rethink his contribution.
In the meantime, Senator McCain keeps screaming…
“Citizens United!”



  1. I have never heard of a non-American donating such a huge amount to a U. S. Presidential election and also to a American SuperPac. It really is unusual. But, as they are ready to update the rules and constitutions of both the countries according to their needs, I think it may be considered as legal and usual. Thanks for the share.


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