PARIS – Modern French feminists are having their breast implants removed and are burning them!
French feminists recommended that tens of thousands of women in France have their breast implants removed.  Why?  Two reasons 1) they represent females being submissive to male proclivities  and 2) a silicone gel used by a French firm may be dangerous to their health.
Ergo, burn your implants!

An estimated 30,000 women in France have had breast implants and an estimated 70% are willing to have them removed and… burned.
A now-defunct company Poly Implant Prothese SA (PIP), which produced about 100,000 implants a year before its product was ordered off the market in early 2010, provided most of the French implants.
In a statement Friday, Angelina Tremaine, a leading feminist in Paris, told reporters that the use of breast implants by women to please men has reached epidemic proportions.  “Yes, some women want breasts implants because they want to feel better about themselves, but most women get them in order to attract male attention.  That is unacceptable in 2012.  We are recommending that all French women united breast implant removal.”
Ms. Tremaine that pulled out her own extracted breast implants and burned them for reporters.
In solidarity, women in the area, burned their bras as well.

Feminism is alive and well.
The French government is expected to hold a news conference this week to announce whether it will pay for the removal of breast implants. The authorities are likely to say they will cover the costs, but will only pay for a new implant if the treatment was done as part of reconstructive surgery following breast cancer.  This does not please the women in France.
“The government should pay if a woman wants her breast implants removed.  It is the duty of our government,” said Tremaine.
At least 250 women with breast implants have already scheduled breast implant removals for the first week of January.   Here’s one their doctors:

And here’s one of his patients:

Will this  catch on in the United States?   Will American women remove their breast implants?

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