MUNCIE, IN –   Sources say that Joe Paterno has accepted the head coaching job at Ball State.
A riot involving thousands of Penn State football fans erupted last night at the announcement their long-term head coach Joe Paterno would be sacked with ‘immediate effect’ for his role in the sex scandal which has rocked the university.
Sources say Paterno was offered the job to coach Ball State University football team – and he has accepted.   Paterno’s son, Scott said they were discussing all options and that his dad was looking for a 5 year contract based on the solid performance he had at Penn State.   And Ball State put it all on the table for Paterno.

Paterno, 84, had said he would retire at the end of the 2011 season but the trustees stepped in to tell the legendary coach he will never take charge of another game following the allegations of a cover up.
Assistant coach Tom Bradley has been named interim football coach while Penn State provost, Rodney Erickson will become interim president.

Mr. Paterno, one of the biggest names in American sports, had said in a statement today that the situation was a tragedy and ‘one of the great sorrows of my life’.   Sources close to Paterno’s friends, say that Paterno is excited to start a new chapter of his life with Ball State.
Penn State fans, who rioted last night when Paterno was fired, also rioted when they learned he was going to Ball State.

Ball State fans are thrilled that the legend will be coming to Muncie and now that he will attract many top high school recruits.  Ball State did say that they are going to make it a “safe” environment for the coach and has banned football players, and everybody under the age of 21, to take showers in the sports facilities.
Penn State fans were livid, but Joe Paterno bobblehead dolls were selling like hotcakes:

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  1. Thanks for the story Hideaki.
    Will they let him coach from the press box at Ball State or will they make him coach from the field?
    I think if you have a big star like Paterno and you are paying him good money then it should be in his contract that he be down on the field.


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