CHICAGO  –  Federal authorities have alerted residents that a large contingent of werewolves is headed for the Windy City.

The Werewolf Defense Panel (a division of the Defense Department) has issued a warning to residents of Illinois, especially Chicago, of a coming werewolf “insurrection” or “infestation”.

Professor Gregory Hayes of Oxford University – distinguished Professor of Lycanthropy – has been working with Defense Department officials for the last two months. He was brought to the U.S. because of  increased reports of werewolves in the United States.

“In the last two years, there have been an unusually high number of werewolf sightings in eastern Europe and sub-Saharan Africa.  But the largest number of reports in the past five months have been coming from the United States, particularly the Midwest.”

Members of the Werewolf Defense Panel would only speak to WWN off the record.  But members told WWN that there have been over six hundred reports of werewolf attacks in the last five months alone.  They would not say how many of those attacks were lethal.  They clearly do not want to alarm Americans.

Professor Hayes told WWN that a study on historical werewolf attacks occurring in the 18th–19th centuries indicated that victims were almost entirely children under the age of 12, with 85% of the attacks occurring when no adults were present. In the few cases in which an adult was killed, it was almost always a woman.

“What is alarming about the attacks occurring in the Midwest of the United States is that the werewolves are no longer attacking only women and children, the werewolves seem to be attacking young men and older women as well.   The werewolves particularly like high school football players.”

Werewolves used to just attack and bite their victims, but the latest reports are that they are “mauling” and “tearing apart” the victims – young men mostly.

This young Joliet man, 25, was bitten last week, but luckily he survived:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is advising all Chicago residents to report any werewolf sightings immediately to the authorities and told citizens “not to try and apprehend the werewolf on your own.”   He will be holding another press conference tomorrow.

The Obama Administration has said it will send troops to Chicago if the werewolf insurrection gets out of control this weekend.

WWN will be in Chicago to monitor the situation.

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    • Fad werewolves are easy to control, it's the real ones if ever!
      A real werewolf would be a very sad human inwardly and makes think otherwise – "Aye, what a day for that daling of a mate to come my way, and such ghost-wolf creature of the forest would leave my body naturally as if nothing ever happened!"- Aye, no where near what common humans think.
      Through he laws of physics humans now can dig into such possible things of the old world and most interestingly how if ever such seeds would be found today, how they can be overcome.
      – Remember, there is nothing like home-sweet after all – so simply and naturally it has to be found somehow – this is the after, after…but how?…

  1. if you want to catch or track a werewolf let me know I can't tell you how I can track them but I will tell you I am like them

  2. Real werewolves? I doubt it. A werewolf is made of a real wolf that is ghost and finds a human with undivided sexual love within to occupy it in his chemistry, why? The wolf that becomes a ghost living close to earth-bound levels mainly due to a premature level in dead, could be due to poisoning, or you might say, undivided sexual passion was too deep in the real-life wolf like in an extensive trance state causing a ghostly nature to unfold in the real wolf. See, the wolf is a highly sensitive being at certain times when in the mating the first time in life, this is subnormal – This can be the cause of strange things to happen like the werewolf legend becoming. Rare it is, but it takes a certain kind of wolf, not all equally. What then can make the werewolf want to get out of the the possessed human? Materialistic earthbound sex by the human, why so? Vibrations which the ghost wolf needed to abide in the human getting faded after the sexual harsh down to earth level. The silver bullet only sends the human back to its own real time nature and the real ghost wolf then goes to sleep for a while only to look for another human to occupy. The wolf apparently hates human harsh level instincts materialized within.
    Beware of possible poisoning on the werewolf imitators!


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