HOLLYWOOD – Lindsay Lohan posed for her photo spread in Playboy and reportedly was paid $2.5 million.

Sources tell WWN that Lohan needs the cash.  Her legal costs and her lack of acting gigs have brought her to the brink of bankruptcy.

Hugh Hefner has come in to same Lindsay’s financial life.  He has paid her to pose for a ten page spread in his magazine.  The photo shoot took place right before Lindsay appeared in court on her probation hearing.

s loves posting semi-nude pictures of herself on Twitter:

Playboy photographer, Fritz Barnkopf, said that Lindsay was an excellent model.  “All her pictures are completely nude and I think Playboy readers will be very pleased at the way she opened herself up for the camera.”

Lindsay was recently sentenced to the morgue in L.A. County, and she wanted to have some nude shots taken in the morgue but L.A. County officials would not allow Playboy to take pictures in the morgue.

Playboy executives said that Lindsay was very professional on the set of the photo shoot.  “She showed up on time, had no problem taking off her clothes and pretending that she was making love to the camera.”

Lohan has tried to pose naked in mainstream publications, but now she can really “let loose” according to sources close to Lilo.

Rumors that Lindsay is seen in the shots with both men and women are false – though Playboy execs say they might be true.

Hugh Hefner reportedly asked Lohan to move into the Playboy mansion, and some say he asked her to marry him, but Lohan refused.

The Lindsay Lohan issue of Playboy will be published in March, 2012.


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