KENTUCKY – Country legend Loretta Lynn, 76, was released from a hospital, she didn’t have pneumonia, she had morning sickness!

Lynn was initially rushed to treatment in the early hours of the weekend, and has subsequently canceled several show dates. A

ccording to a statement on her official website, “Around 1:30 AM Saturday morning, Loretta awoke on her tour bus complaining that she was having a hard time breathing. They admitted her into a Bowling Green, Kentucky hospital where she was treated over the weekend for the beginning stages of bacterial pneumonia.”

But WWN has learned tonight – from Dr. Jeremy Brannon, head surgeon at the hospital – that Lynn was not suffering from pneumonia, she was suffering from morning sickness.  Loretta is pregnant again.

Loretta had four children before she was 19 and now that she is 76 (with several grandchildren) she thought she might be able to set a new kind of record and have a child after 75.    Like several other senior women, Loretta is using an artificial womb with sperm and egg donors.

Loretta is now back at her home in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee recovering; says Lynn, “It was one scary night… But I am feeling better and just gonna take it easy for a couple of weeks.”

The country music icon is beloved by her fans – and is an American treasure.  President Barack Obama, who appeared on Jay Leno tonight, wished her a speedy recovery – and a healthy, happy baby.  The baby, reportedly a girl, will be another Coal Miner’s Daughter Daughter.

Her rep confirms that she intends to make her next scheduled performance on Nov. 3 in Knoxville, Tenn.

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