BEVERLY HILLS, CA –  Brett Ratner and Don Mischer announced today that the 84th Academy Awards will be hosted by Charlie Sheen.
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Tom Sherak confirmed that the producers for the 2012 Oscars have selected Charlie Sheen to host.
“Brett and Don were impressed with Charlie when they met him to discuss the possibility of hosting,” said Sherak.  “They are confident that Charlie can deliver an entertaining telecast.
AMPAS insiders say that Sheen is the perfect choice. “He is one of the few actors that have conquered both movies and television and he is the biggest TV star of the last decade.  He’s the logical choice.”
“I’m thrilled that Charlie will hosting the Oscar telecast,” said Academy CEO Dawn Hudson. “We took a risk last year with James Franco and Anne Hathaway and this is another bold move, but I think this time it will payoff.”

“The Academy Awards are in a class by themselves, and I’m elated that the Academy has asked me to host,” said Sheen.  “I guarantee this – it will be the greatest Oscar telecast of all time.  Winning!”
Te ratings for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards down from the 2010 telecast, and 13 percent in the “hip, young-er” demo of under 50s that the Oscars were courting.   Charlie Sheen as host will certainly get the telecast back to where it should be.
WWN has learned that Sheen was not the Academy’s first choice. They first considered Robert Downey, Jr.  But Downey turned down the offer.  Tina Fey was also brought up, but she does not feel that this year is her time.  She looks forward to hosting in 2013.
Some insiders are worried about Sheen.  “He’s a disaster, how can they pick him!” said an A-List producer.  “His live show was crap.  How the hell is he going to host the Oscars?” said another.
Sheen is welcoming his detractors.  “Sizzle, losing, bye!”
You’re not going to want to miss the Oscars in 2012.

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